Your love and my loneliness

Ever felt that incomplete even after having the best inside out in you? Tired of all those tears rolling down the lovely cheeks which were once kissed, memories flashing in the inward eye and no matter, how hard you try to forget them, the essence still remains in you. Don’t worry. It’s just one phase in your life and there’s a reason why it wasn’t supposed to be. Here is this poem of mine to take you on a ride and make sure that you land safe after completing it. Feeling that you have been through all this is an important step planning to move on and make sure that your next decision is the right one unlike this.


You had just said that one last goodbye and disappeared somewhere soon ,

And from exactly where did you enter in my life ,

Just one last text,

And my entire body still shivers.

My heart is beating with the pace I had wanted you to come and see how I am right now,

My eyes are swelled and so many people yelled,

I had no answers to all those questions.

Yes, my heart knew everything but who would ever understand my pains!

I tried to hide,

But how would I ever hide from all those voices shouting inside me.

I try to suppress them,

I try hard not to cry again,

I slap myself for daring to do all wrongs to nobody but myself,

I try to spill all the oils and petrol over my body because it has your midas touch.

But the only difference is that I have turned into a stone which could be stumbled by everyone who come across me.

I try to swallow all the bitterness that’s there in my heart,

I try to forget everything,

But you are still somewhere there in me and break me to death.

Maybe now, the beautiful purple star of your eyes has turned into a beautifully ugly purple scar ;

And now that seven decades of my life still awaits,

I just wish to be back to the days where my life was simple and stable.

Write to me your thoughts on [email protected] or in the comment section given below. Would love to hear your experiences and how you coped with this phase in your life.

Loads of love and happiness

Manushreya this

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2 thoughts on “Your love and my loneliness

  1. Himanshu R Nagpal
    Himanshu R Nagpal says:

    This is Wonderful
    Kudos 🙂

    1. Manushreya Sharma
      Manushreya Sharma says:

      Thanks a lot,bro! ????

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