How Things change...


I was a girl with etiquettes awesome

Who everyday cherished and felt blossom

The more I laughed, the more I enjoyed

Those days of my life were simply amazing and void

yes, you are mine
yes, you are mine

That lying from parents and bunk the class

And tension of getting more weight and mass

Remind me the days of my hood and era

When I used to read poems of meera


Flashback of memories is way too long

When I used to do less right and more wrong

Past always be the way it is

And then I changed from miss to mrs.


Responsibilities ruined me by being spinster

Now I was in kitchen preparing pastry and toaster

The turn did not demolish my life

As I left me away and was now a caring wife

How Things change...
How Things change…


And Then you came in my biography

With those cute little eyes ready for photography

When nurse gave you in my lap

My whole world got revamp like a rap






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