Yarning of a son


Mrs Sharma was crying while reading a paragraph written by a 4th class boy. Mr. Sharma saw his wife weeping and asked her “What is the matter? “ She replied, ” Today in school I asked students to write a paragraph on what they wish to become. And amongst them one of the boy wrote he wished to become a TV. “


Listening this Mr. Sharma was surprised and asked her to read the paragraphs aloud. The paragraph says ” I wish to become a TV because then my whole family would love to spend their time with me. My dad after coming from.office would sit and relax with me. My elder brother and sister would fight with each other to be with me. My Mom would be worried if I am silent for even half an hour.


Mr. Sharma felt sorry for the boy and abused his parents for not taking care of their child and for not giving him proper time and love.


On this Mrs. Sharma mumbled that this child is Rahul, our own son.



Richa gangwani

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