Word is an important WORD

Can you imagine life without words? Can we spend whole day without saying a single word? Sounds difficult, right? It means no words no imagination? The most imperative mode of expressions are words. I wonder sometimes that we know everything, we know words have power. Power to express, power to communicate, power to convey right message to right person at right time. Are we so powerful? Yes, we are so powerful because God has given us this privilege to express. However, we take advantage of this privilege. Maybe you guessed it right we use bad words. We use rude words; we misbehave and when our temper goes down we feel guilty. We curse ourselves, “Ohh no, why I said this to her, ohh I hurt him, not good. Does it happen with us? But here the good part is we make up the situation by using positive words too, and we apologize to whom we misbehaved. Through word power we get back to our old relationship, our bond with others blossoms again. Through words our relationships becomes powerful.

A poet can express, what exactly running through his mind, with those beautiful words. A novelist conquers world with the help of those words. A motivational speaker wins his audience heart, and can transform somebody’s life through those hopeful words. So, the game of life revolves around words.

My request to all of you is very small. You all can do it and can experience immense pleasure. So, the request is………..; please guess it what this request can be? Ohh now see, you are reading it fast because I persuaded you here to know what this request is? I am loving it. You must be thinking and cursing me “what the hell this girl wants me to do now?” Request is very very tiny guys… it is “Use polite words”. that’s it. So, simple no? Is it difficult at all? Thanks, in advance to promise me that you all who are reading this blog will use maximum polite words as possible. Our funda should be very clear .. “Think before you speak”. Words once spoken never come back.

I understand nobody wants to be harsh on anybody. I know parents want to be polite and friendly with their kids, however they get rude for various reasons. May be somebody is frustrated with the work life, and his frustration comes out in terms of harsh words to the family. To reduce anguish state of mind, we spill out bad words. But if we think for a minute and realize that what is the fault of my family in this? Why am I acting like this, and making somebody sad by using this type of language? If we think and start realizing the value of polite words we will see a different phase in life. Where we will be more connected to people, our relationships will be sailing flawlessly, where our list of good friends will increment day by day, where we will have a recognizable image and a positive personality. Do you want to achieve this? Then please allow politeness to enter your life, and enjoy conversation.

Your communication depicts your personality. If you demonstrate positive attitude through your choice of words, then everyone will appreciate it and will wish to be like you, trust me. Happy Communication.

Be happy, keep smiling and Count your blessing!!

Beena Himthani

2 thoughts on “Word is an important WORD

  1. Avinash

    Nice blog.. Commendable

  2. Brijesh

    Written with great heed, and the idea of politeness is appreciated very much. Keep on introducing such Maxims, in your articles.

    Ps- still waiting for your poem.

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