Who betrayed Anne Frank.

Who betrayed Anne Frank.


Anne Frank, born in Frankfurt, Germany and lived in Amsterdam, Netherlander, was one of the most discussed personality and victim of Hitler’s holocaust. Born on 10 june 1929 Anne was the second daughter of Otto and Edith Frank. When Nazi gained control over Germany, the Frank family lost their citizenship and became stateless. By the beginning of 1940 the Franks were trapped in Amsterdam by German occupation of Netherland and when State was no safe for the Jews, the Frank Family moved into Hiding for the next two years.

On Her thirteen birthday Anne received a diary as a present, she started to write about her daily routine in this diary for the next several years. Apart from all the childhood tantrums and anxiety this diary take us deep under the heart of this thirteen year old girl  and all we witness is her views regarding injustice toward a particular community which was Jews. While Reading the book the diary of a young girls we see that people take this injustice very lightly like its their fate to be a indenture slave of Germans and do as they want them to do. Not a single voice of revolution and revolt is seen by the Jews side to snatch back their liberty and rights.



Franks with some friend moved into hiding in July 1942. The place where they went was actually Anne Father’s office back building, earlier there was a lab, which had shut down for quiet some long time. It was a small Annex with hideous wooden flooring and not so furnished. There were windows in there which they were not allowed to open. They had limited supply of grocery and other daily need items. There were strict rules regarding the use of toilet, during the office working hour they had to relieve themselves in some container. Talk in only whispering, walk with there socks on, clean themselves with wet towel etc.. etc. It was simply a hard to imagine life which they lead until one day when they were discovered by a group of German uniformed police and a member of Protection Squadron, a major paramilitary organization under Hitler and the Nazi party

One more thing that we need to know is that Otto Frank was an ex serviceman and gave his contribution in World War I but Germany got defeated badly. Miep and Mr Kugler were very close acquaintance of Anne’s Father and they were the actual mind behind this hiding plan. Miep was really helpful, she was the one who brought them grocery, books, dresses etc into hiding where as Mr Kugler was the one who gave them occasional visit and spend some time with them. So while discussing the betrayal part we will keep these two personality out of our list. Now the question or I should say the long waited question that who betrayed Anne and her family arises. Some scholars said it was some Office worker who witnessed the long grocery article which was taken up, some said the maid or I should say the domestic helper who got suspicious while cleaning the office some day, there were more and more theories but nothing suited the time and situation when this tragedy took its place. A while back this case was opened and a bench of experts was set up to investigate this matter. This investigation grew its popularity and many people supported their verdict. It took around one and half year for them to solve this mystery. So what was it? Who was the real mind behind this betrayal?

Actually it was a christian thief, who was an ex-employee of Otto Frank spice business, who had came to the private office of Miep and Kugler in order to steal their ration card. Sadly the ration cards were locked inside a safe which he was unable to open with his tools, so instead of stealing the ration card he took away their typewriter. While he was in the private office he noticed the bookcase which was earlier not there, and a door was use to be there. He smelled something suspicious. Next morning Miep filled a complaint regarding the stolen typewriter to the local police. They found the typewriter so as the thief who had stolen it. In order to receive minimum punishment and earn some praise the thief told the Police about the door turned bookshelf way to the annex, and also the fact that Jews must be hiding there.

On the morning of 4 August 1944 a group of German uniformed police raided the secret annex and located 8 Jews. Anne’s diary was in her father’s briefcase which the police had emptied and then stuffed it with other things. Later Miep took the diary and kept it safely with her.

The Franks, van Daans, and Drussel (few other member went into the same hiding) were taken to RSHA headquarters, where they were interrogated and held overnight, Two days later they were transported to the Westerbork through which by that time more than 100,000 Jews, mostly Dutch and German, had passed. Having been arrested in hiding, they were considered criminals and sent to the Punishment Barracks for Hard labour. Men and Women were separated from there moved further ahead into other concentration camps.  

After several months Margot, Anne’s sister, fell from her bunk in weakened state and killed by the shock. Anne Frank Died a few day after Margot, the exact date of there death is still unknown.

However Otto Frank (Anne’s Father) was the only one who survived all the misery. But was broken from within, when he heard about  her daughters. Miep handed over him all the important letters and article that he had saved with herself and the Diary of Anne.


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