Let Me Click a Selfie First

Where Are We Going ?

After a little bit of warm-up and cardio, I was climbing the stairs to the weighted training area, which is on the second floor of the gym. I saw this blonde hair, extra fair girl coming down. Because of lack of space, I decided to wait midway so that she can easily manage to pass. She was smiling and typing some stuff on her phone. I was looking at her as she was coming towards me. I tried hard to adjust by sticking my back on the wall beside me, but she was busy with her god-damned cell phone.

“Excuse me, Ma’am” I said but it was darn late.

She bumped with my left arm and her cell phone slipped from her hand. I bent to pick that up for her and she was looking at me with her red shot eyes. The phone was safe and very much working. I handed that to her. She looked directly into my eyes and said those three magical words which undoubtedly changed my life.

“ Are You Blind?” she said and walked away.

Another day, I was riding on my beautiful, 5 year old, mustard yellow Motor Bike near my Home. Suddenly, This lady came across my bike on her white non-gear vehicle out of nowhere. I applied the brakes to avoid bumping into her scooter. It was very close. When I looked at her, I realized that she was using her cell-phone from one hand and handling her vehicle from the other.

Let Me Click a Selfie First
                            Let Me Click a Selfie First

Multi-tasking is good, it saves time. But It can end everything in a matter of second.

21st Century is the century of innovation, modifications and connections. We all are connected through this amazing thing called the Internet. Social Media is the cherry on the cake. It has become one of the most important part of our daily life. We can’t survive a single day without checking our Respective Facebook account. It has become our daily ritual to update our pictures, videos and other stuff to tell people what’s happening in our life. Correspondingly, we love checking our friends’ updates which gives us a feeling of connection. So Far, So good.

Now I want you to take a minute of your time and think about the moment when you click a picture/selfie/bothie/doggie/cattie… and so on, what are the series of thought that enters your mind?

1) I should look good

2) It should accumulate more likes than my last picture on Facebook.

3) People should Comment on my attire/dress

4) I should look Slim/Muscular

5) What Filter should I use to beautify the picture?

and the list is endless. No Matter whether you are young or old, I’m darn sure, you’ll be facing the similar scenario while clicking a picture. Now, if we look 20 years back, Photographs used to be clicked with the animated voice of flash of your ugly looking Kodak Camera and the basic reason of clicking photographs was to capture a moment so that we can revive or cherish the old and ever-green memories. Things have changed a lot. Whether they are changed for good or for Bad, I’m no one to comment upon that. I’m writing this article to denote certain things which are disturbing me from so long.

#Charity #Destitutes #help #Karma #maximumlikes
                                #Charity #Destitutes #help #Karma #maximumlikes

When I have word with my good old pals, I sometimes feel so dejected when they discuss what’s happening in someone else’s life. We Indians are very well known for interfering in other’s business instead of minding our own business. Social Media has just put massive fuel in the fire.

Another thing which is disturbing me is people putting pictures while doing charity, Shooting video while helping others and posting it on Facebook. “God is everywhere” but I’m sure he/she is not on Facebook. He has a lot of other things to manage and he doesn’t need a video or picture as a proof that you have done something commendable. Take another moment of your time and decide to whom you want to show your good deeds? Your friends? Your Peers? or to Income tax department for a tax rebate under section 80G? Try to understand that no one cares about it. Good deeds are meant to be personal and as per your wish. Philanthropy doesn’t include putting everything on Facebook.

No one cares about what you are eating today.  Why we are giving other people the right to judge whether your picture, your attire, your physique is good or not. Giving the remote control of your emotions in someone else’s hands is the worst thing you can do to yourself.

If we close our eyes and give a thought about how our future is going to be. I see people walking down the roads while constantly looking at their social media accounts. I see a lot of depressed teenagers in the nation who will be ruining their lives by affecting themselves with other’s opinion. I See a lot of kids losing their childhood in the race of being active at social media. I see a family of four, sitting on the dining table for dinner, but no one cares about the other family member, as they will be so busy to update their status on Facebook. I see a clear boundary between the two lives of each human- one which looks happy and bright and cheerful but can only be visible on social media. The actual one will be gloomy and dark and depressing, without much of personal relationships.

Gadgets are Replacing Humans
                                                                 Gadgets are Replacing Humans

It scares me a lot. We are moving in an absolutely wrong direction. Soon the meaning of the word genius will revolve around the man who will able to win all the arguments in the comment section of any senseless post. There will be the less Actual genius in the future. We are moving to the age where shallow work will be more common instead of Deep Work.

If I quote in Dr Cal Newports words, Shallow work is the one which is done with a lot of un-attentiveness and can be easily copied. On the hand, Deep Work is the one which is done with a lot of Attention and it is very hard to copy. Shallow work will have less value in the future as it will be abundant. Deep Work will have a lot of Value in the future as it will be Scarce.

Stay Focused
                                                                                 Stay Focused

Deep Work is the future. So it’s time to shut down your social media and focus on your creativity.

I was so regular on social media from so long. It was an addiction for me. But after reading Dr Newport’s book called Deep Work, I just don’t feel like logging in again into my Social media accounts. It has been almost a month that I haven’t used them. And I feel light, Lively and more focused on myself. and my work I’ll not say do this else your life will be ruined. It’s completely your choice. I just wanted to express my views.

So Thanks for reading guys. I’ll see you again very soon (but definitely not on social media 🙂 )

I’ll end this with another quote from the book.

“Social Media is for people who want to remain at the top of the things. But Not For me – My job is to be at the bottom of the things.”

Love, Laughter and Peace

Himanshu R Nagpal


4 thoughts on “Where Are We Going ?

  1. Tanishq verma

    You are doing really great job! Honestly it’s quite invigorating to read something fresh and original it scares me too to the very core what a world we live in…

    1. Himanshu R Nagpal
      Himanshu R Nagpal says:

      thank you so much for reading 🙂

  2. Shefali

    Very well written Himanshu:-).

    We are all the culprits and he victims of today’s world and the future that our kids are or will inherit if not addresses now. Global warming is a parallel topic that confirms that it’s our deeds that spoil our future and come to bite us in due course. I hope we all understand from it and apply the learnings around the usage of Social media too. Bless!

    1. Himanshu R Nagpal
      Himanshu R Nagpal says:

      Thank you so Much Di 🙂

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