When my Journal speaks!!

When my Journal speaks!!

18 Feb 2017

3:00 pm

Dear dairy!

Hey mate!

Today in school we had a discussion on a very hot topic “Feminism”. Yeah everyone’s talking about equal rights to women, their security and all such stuff. They say that girls can do all those things that boys can. Indeed! We can but what if we don’t want to. It’s more like we are equal to them because we can do all that they can.

No! A big No! If we will be doing what we can and what they can then we are not only equal we are certainly superior. But who wants to be that? I don’t want to be for by I just want everyone, all men and women, to realize that whatever I choose, being a housewife or a pilot or anything, they are MY decisions of MY life and I feel that I should be respected and admired for who I am. I should be treated fairly equal because I am a human who feel all the happy, sad emotions.

I say we are equal to them because we too are humans, with our own life, insecurities, fights, choices and preferences, Just as they have. If he is looked up for riding a bike then I should be looked up too, for making lip-smackingly delicious food. Why do I have to ride a bike to be equal to him?

 I am equal because I don’t harm, kill or abuse anybody mentally or physically. I am living my life on my terms just as everyone else. So yes I am equal to all the good souls irrespective of the fact that they are of a rich, poor, abled, disabled, Hindu, Muslim, male or female. I am just like you. A “human”

I say I am equal because they play their part and I play mine. Isn’t all this enough a reason?

I guess it’s not because everyone out there is trying to do men’s stuff to make themselves equal. Isn’t it ironical? It’s like basically we are mending women ways to men ways to be equal to men. I don’t get this. I thought that we were attempting to make them understand that we are equal to men. But now I think we are trying to make women turned men equal to men. Uggh. It’s pathetic!!

Oh wait there can be one more analogy to this, do all those women think that what they traditionally did was inferior? I mean then only they switched to what men traditionally did and now they feel they are strong or equal! Hey but that’s not true how can making a living, raising children, supporting and loving your family can be insignificant. Also if women like romantic movies, pink colour or anything of such sort how is this trivial. It’s just different to what they like. Isn’t it?

I do not like action movies, they have so much of anger, anguish, fights in them. But I don’t say they are wrong. They are just not my way. This also doesn’t mean that I will disrespect people who like them or play in such movies. No I will not and I should not. The exact same way they should not try to belittle people who don’t like such movies. Isn’t it so easy to understand!

Uff! It’s too difficult and tiring to understand our society buddy. The more I try the more confusing it gets. I feel they have this creepy habit of making onefold topics to compound and complicated ones.

Well whatever. It’s time to bid you bye mate. Cya.

Richa Gangwani

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  1. Vaibhav Srivastava
    Vaibhav Srivastava says:

    Very to the point and beautifully written.. Enjoyed it thoroughly.. Good going!! ????????????

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