What Is Love?

What Is Love?

Someone had told me to write about What is love so I am trying it today!! People who have not experienced love say that, it is the most overrated concept in the world but people who think love is a concept to be understood— are they worth listening to? What is love then? Is it a concept, is it an experience or is it a feeling? Love is, when an innocent girl who has been a tom boy all her life suddenly wants to wear pretty girly dresses just because what will the new guy in the class think about her.

Love is when you are watching DDLJ and Shahrukh Khan says, “Palat” and your heart gives a leap. When you can read love in his eyes when that special someone is teasing you. Love is when the fire of jealousy burns you up when your beloved looks at someone else. Love is when one week before the Valentine’s day, you start imagining that how is your crush going to propose you and then the doubt creeps in—will he or will he not this year?

Love is joy, love is pain, love is fire, love is game. I wish I could say something that will make everybody believe in love which is the most beautiful feeling in the world. With remembering a few moments of love, you can spend a lifetime in happiness. Nothing can give you more happiness than the feeling that you love someone and someone loves you back. At the same time, nothing can give you more pain than unrequited love. The jealousy, the anger needs to be checked to really feel the magic of love. Quite a few times we say words to our loved ones that break their heart but it breaks you as much as it breaks them.

 Love is when after spending 10 years together in married life, still your heart skips a beat when you see him smile with that cute dimple on his cheek. Love is when you cannot remember what you ate for breakfast today but you can remember each glance and each smile that he showered at you. When you feel beautiful only if he looks at you. When you feel all your dreams have come true if he said, “ I love you”. When you pray for him to clear the exam forgetting to study for your own exam. When you take pride in announcing the fact that he has made tea for you 3 times in ten years. When you want to hug him when he has done something stupid.

I may not be the best judge of love but I can assure you that the happiness that the love generates makes you crazy but the pain is also as much devastating. So all the people out there, open your hearts to love. You may fail once or twice but the rewards of success is a life full of unbound joy and of course love!!!!



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