23 year old Shrradha inspiring others

The Warrior

We, humans, are blessed with this amazing instrument called the Brain. I said blessed because people call it that way. But having a brain is a blessing or a curse? I’m still confused. Suppose you see an over-weight, obese girl walking down the road. What will be the first thought that will come to your mind? Will you try to make fun of her? Or will you share the tactics to reduce some weight? In both of the cases, you are knowingly or unknowingly getting judgmental. She is fat, I agree. But why is she fat? Is anyone interested in knowing the story behind that fact?

So, today I’m going to tell you a story of one of those girls – Shrradha.

When Shrradha was 4 years old, she fell ill with a fever. Not a big deal, right? Wrong! That was not an ordinary fever. Her temperature remained high for many days continuously. Not only that, The blood-red butterfly rashes appeared all over her face. It was so difficult for her to express what she was actually feeling at that time. She used to miss the school on every consecutive day. Her parents, bless them, took her to the doctor without any delay. The doctor diagnosed everything minutely and declared that she is suffering from TB. The medication was given as per the requirement of the disease. But, that was not the end, it was the beginning of the brutality of life towards a mortal.


23 year old Shrradha inspiring others
23-years old Shrradha




















One day, Shrradha’s Mother saw her crying in her room. She discovered that she is suffering from a headache. So she comforted her and gave her medicines. After a couple of minutes, when her Mother came back, she saw something which was so horrible. Shrradha was banging her head on the wall, and that too with a lot of force. It was so difficult for the little 8-year-old girl to express what she was feeling that she chose to bang her head on the wall. The medicines were reacting so badly on her body that her body temperature started rising and remained high continuously for many days. She had to deal with severe headaches every day. She was frequently missing her school. But why was that happening? Doctors found out the problem, so why were they unable to fix that? The Answer is, doctors were failed to identify the actual problem.

Things took an extremely bad shape afterward.  The rashes started appearing again on her face. Her Blood pressure shot high. High fever and frequent stomach aches made things more ridiculous. When they consulted the doctor, he just gave them the medicine of rashes, considering that they were mosquito bites.

When she turned 9, her condition became even worse. She couldn’t stand or sit because of an indefinable stomach ache. Doctors made her sleep on a block of ice to bring her body temperature down. After roaming here and there in innumerable hospitals, Her parents finally discovered that Shrradha was suffering from Systematic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE).

an old paper clipping












Now, what is SLE? Suppose you are standing on a battlefield, all prepared with swords, shields and a fantastic army of trained soldiers. When the war began, your own army turned towards you and beheaded you in a single blow. Brutal, isn’t it? This is not a conspiracy, this is SLE. SLE is an incurable immune system disorder in which the Anti-bodies are created which attacks the healthy and efficient cells of the body.  There is no medicine to cure this disease. There are only steroids to lower the intensity of that incurable disease.

So, the doctors put her on strong steroids which brought drastic physical changes in her body. Her head was puffed up like a balloon, which is called Wolf’s face in medical language. That took all her freedom. Whenever she used to go out people used to made fun of her, as she was an alien. (Blessing or a curse? I’m talking about Human brain). People used to tease her by the way she used to look. But, she never lost faith in herself. The impact of those steroids was so bad that she had to undergo a kidney biopsy, without giving her anesthesia because the doctors weren’t sure that whether she’ll be able to breathe again after so much of pain. In other words, they weren’t sure that whether she’ll be alive after the biopsy or not. So, Shrradha saw her own operation with her naked eyes. She saw the forceps and needles in doctor’s hands, piercing her body. She got ready to lay on the bed of operation theater just because doctors made a promise that they will let her watch television in the hospital’s compound if she will co-operate. She just asked for a favor that she will not sit on the wheel-chair after the operation. After the Biopsy, doctors declared that she has three to six months to live.

To Shrradha,  things weren’t much clear till then. She went through Chemotherapy and lost her hair. Swollen face – Hair loss, God was in a mood to take a serious examination. People were gossiping that she is suffering from cancer, but she couldn’t absorb that fact because she never saw her parents crying in front of her. Shrradha was suffering a lot, but I would say that it was much more difficult for her parents to see her loving daughter’s suffering every day. Being Helpless is the biggest suffering in this world. They finally told Shrradha that she was suffering from SLE.

She faced a paralysis attack next day. Though she could walk normally even after that the doctors said that this is the end. She will not able to survive anymore. Everyone accepted that this is the end. A little child can’t survive after taking that much amount of pain.

But that was not the end. It was the beginning.

A Gujrati Newspaper clipping
A Gujarati Newspaper clipping






















Shrradha decided that she cannot die like that. She chose to live. She prepared herself to face whatever comes between the way between her and her life. Choosing death at that point was easy, one blow and all the sufferings will vanish. But she chose the greatest gift she got from the almighty – Life.

She came out of the hospital and because of excess water retention, she used to intake just 3 glasses of water and 3 marrie biscuits in a day, for more than a month. But she was not ready to quit. The only support system she had was her family and her best friend.

She couldn’t manage to go to school like any other teenager. People started gossiping about her formal education. She did her schooling as a private candidate. But she was not ready to quit.

Her weight was increasing. She was getting fat. People used to make fun of her. She couldn’t go out. But still, she was not ready to quit.

Her Father sold their home to pay her medical bills. Her parents left their job and started a business to give her more attention and time. Her parents and sister became her core strength. She started taking baby steps towards a normal life. And guess what she came out of the jaws of that so-called “Incurable” disease. She is completely cured now.

It was the year 2008 when doctors declared that she is completely normal now. They gave her the name “Miracle Child”.

“What made you fight so brutal disease, and that too all alone?” I asked Shrradha the other day.

“Dreams.” She replied.  “I couldn’t die with dreams in my eyes.”  She said with a big smile.

In the year 2011, Shrradha lost her mother. But she is happy that her Mother saw her cured and happy.

Her will was to live like a normal human. She wanted to make her parents proud. She wanted to help people live life to the fullest. She wanted to see happiness and smiles on every person’s face. She wanted people to understand that laughing at someone isn’t the solution, but it’s a shortcoming of yours mentality. She Loves herself and wanted people to love themselves as they are.

and she refused to give up
and she refused to give up






















Life can be harsh at you at times, but quitting is not a solution. Never! Never! Never! Every ending has a new beginning, just have faith, confidence, and desire to live. And most importantly, Do not choose to quit.

“And about which dreams you are talking about?” I asked her again.

“Ummm… dream to buy a house for my Dad. Dream to inspire people to face the challenges and stay positive” she replied with a smile.

“And?” I was more curious now.

“And to get married of course,” she said and smiled more brightly.

Always have Faith
Always have Faith
























Shrradha is a miracle child for the world, but for me, she is a warrior. A warrior who fought her war alone with a sword of Will and a shield of Faith.

Thank You Shrradha for inspiring us and making us believe that life is beautiful and worth living.

Thank you

Love, Laughter, and peace

Himanshu R Nagpal


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  1. Geetika

    Wow such a inspiring one ????

  2. Khyati

    Himanshu, such a nice writing and thought process. More power to the girl!
    Heart touching and an inspiring one!

    1. Himanshu R Nagpal
      Himanshu R Nagpal says:

      THank you So much 🙂

  3. Jagdish Chandna
    Jagdish Chandna says:

    Shardha , Hats off to you and your dreams about positive thoughts due to which you could fight the battle and won.Three cheers for you and lots of blessings from the core of my heart.
    Himanshu…Gr8 job dear. Article is not only inspiring but gives a number of lessons to learn ,courage to face the challenges of life.Above all I endorse your views that we should not be judgemenal w/o knowing the complete facts (unfortunately most of us do this mistake).
    Appreciate the flow of your thoughts and sequence in article.well done.Keep it up

    1. Himanshu R Nagpal
      Himanshu R Nagpal says:

      Thank you so much Mama ji 🙂

  4. Abhishek

    Such an inspiration , such a beauty. Thank you!!

    1. Himanshu R Nagpal
      Himanshu R Nagpal says:

      Thanks Buddy 🙂

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