Unsacred Games

Unsacred Games

I think the most appropriate title, for recent release Saif Ali khan, Nawazudin Siddique and Radhika Apte starrer Sacred games based on a novel of same title by Vikaram Chandra (and not to forgot a “Netflix” production), should be Unsacred games as nothing is this series is close to sacred. The playwright have taken the level of Indian drama series on a next level but is this country ready to gasp such stories on their Tv and Internet, will it be justified to call our country leaders “fattu”, will it be fair to give a twist and turn to the SC verdicts (Mohd. Ahmed Khan v. Shah Bano Begum).

The only thing that is sacred about this show is probably the innocence of Sartaj singh (Potrayed by Saif ali khan). Finally we see this 47 year old actor’s, acting, kudos to the directors who had finally done some fine work. Radhika Apte like always played a women who is concerned about all the little things in life and Nawazudin the man behind the real success of this series took the breath away of the audience by his realistic charm.

This multi genre series has everything that an average audience demands. The director has used this digital platform Netflix freely. From molestation to (unnecessary) nudity they have crossed a limit of Indian Drama portrayal. Anurag kashyap the God of Invectives, gave this series a Wasseypur touch under his direction.

The story in a nutshell would go like this. Ganesh Gaitonde (potrayed by nawazudin) a son of a priest, knew an early stage of his life that the only thing necessary to live a simple life is to hold power and subjugate others. He loved his patners but at same time killed the traitors. After several years of “hard” work in city he became a big gangster of Bombay. There were rivals who were always in search of best time to amputate his gang members and left him powerless. But Gaitonde’s dream, some would call it an early Bombay dream that is stuck into the mind of many new comers and vanish as soon as the spark of youth ends. He ended up in jail, where his political friends took the matter in their hands and decided to torture him to death. But a pure soul (father of Sartaj) helped Gaitonde. So Gaitonde owed his life to this man, and therefore in the very beginning of season 1 he called Sartaj to tell him about some sort of attack that was about to happen. From the season finals it is clear that the attack that is about to happen is nuclear attack now season 2 may reveal the further story.





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    Peeyush Rajoria says:

    Last paragraph is more like a spoiler so I skipped that. Rest is informative.?
    Keep sharing.?

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