I, from my school bus

Espied a gaunt girl of 12

Caught in tight shoes

And clothes so loose

Trampling with a lady

Fatigued by exertion

Glanced at me with adoration

At once, I was astound

To notice the intense emotion

Devoured with copious fascination

I perceived, it was the difference

A change in her and my way of living


She devoid of basic rights

Her prerogative for education and health

I, bestowed with all comforts,

Enriched with luxuries of life


When the bus moved,

She descried again

Blowing me by the look,

My conjectures began to shook

Her only inclination was to travel

To enjoy a journey in the bus

Education was not even in her dreams

She was oblivious of the ride of life


Soon, I realized, the actual difference

The change, not only, in way of living

But also,

The change in approach of living.

                                  RICHA GANGWANI


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