time management


We all have 24 hours in a day and that what makes time an interesting aspect. For some of us this time is too long for a day and it becomes difficult to pass it whereas for others it is a short span and we have more work to complete in it.


time management
life is here, life is now

Effective management of time is really important to live a healthy and prosperous life. But most of us tend to waste it in doing non important tasks and others are just not aware of what to do at that particular time. If we plan ahead of time and make our daily schedules one day prior we will have enough time to complete our work and also have rest in between. Time management is important for all of us, a toddler cannot plan a time schedule for himself or herself but a parent can ensure that he or she must engage himself or herself in an activity which is suitable for his or her age and also learn something out of it. A school going child has to manage time for studies, homework,for rest and playing and for doing something of his or her choice. An adult or office going person must manage his or her home and also do office work with equal efficiency. It is really important for an elderly person to manage his or her time in doing something productive as they are unable to carry out many physical tasks they must efficiently utilise their time in doing some mental task.

time management
Manage your time – manage your life


If a person can acquire a skill of managing time, the most important resource he or she can easily do the tasks or enjoy his or her spare time in a better way. If we keep procrastinating our task we will never be able to complete it on time and when the deadline arrives we are in a hurry to complete it and hence the work is done in a hurry and in stress.

Do it Now
this is the right time
this is the right place


Students tend to delay studying and leave it for the exam days but when they start studying at the end moment they are tensed and feel they have to cover a lot of topics in very less time and start rushing through the pages without going into the details which later affects their performance.


Procrastination is the biggest hindrance in our effective time utilisation. Even if we plan ahead of time and make schedules it is of no use without following it. Actually doing the work on time is the biggest mystery we have to solve. If we all complete the work on time it gives a better result and we are not stressed at the last moment.


Some effective ways which will help you manage your time are:

  1. MAKE PLANS AND FOLLOW THEM- Plans are made by all but the actual challenge comes when we have to follow them. It is also important to make a realistic time plan which could actually be followed without much difficulty.                
    The most important Resource
    Time is all What Matters


  2. OVERCOME YOUR PROCRASTINATION-We all tend to delay our important work for doing something unimportant. It is important to first finish your office, school or household work and then engage yourself freely in other leisure activities.                                                                                  
  3. HAVE PROPER SLEEP-When you have a proper sleep you are able to work effectively and efficiently on time without feeling drowsy.        
    It’s Running…


  4. AVOID DISTRACTIONS-When you are working on your time plan or towards your goals avoid distractions. Distractions tend to keep us busy in them and we forget about the work we were doing or are not fully engaged in doing it.                                                                                                                    
  5. DO DOVETAILING-Dovetailing means doing two tasks together. When you know you are good at multitasking and can manage two not so important works together you must do it to save your time. You can watch television and clean your wardrobe simultaneously or you can have snacks and do work simultaneously.
Time Management
Manage it, or it will manage you.


These things will surely help you to complete your task on time and enjoy your life tension free. Try to use them in your daily life and you will surely get better results and will have extra time to do your leisure activities which make you happy and gives you your own personal time. Because at the end the more happy you be the more easier it becomes for you to do your work without any excuses and your boss or mother-in-law or teacher is also happy with you and you will be able to create a positive environment for yourself.

Multi Tasking
Mind is a powerful Instrument – use it wisely


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