The Way She Loved-Book Review

The Way She Loved-Book Review


Author- Nitin Kumar

Genre- Fiction- Romance

Creative Vibes Rating-  3/5

Pages – 194

Publisher-  Notionpress

ISBN- 978-1-946129-60-4



A young, average looking school going boy, Ayush falls for his beautiful senior, Arpita. They live in a small town in Uttar Pradesh, Deoria. The story is about love in a small town and how the couple handles the mentality, deadlocks in such small towns.

The story revolves around the true meaning of ‘loving someone’.

Ayush, our male protagonist is a bit immature, possessive and has all the qualities that boyfriends in school usually have.

Our lead female character, Arpita is depicted to be a little mature one.

The story is about what love actually is and what it looks like.



This is a very absorbing and entertaining read, as well as emotional.

Ayush, the male protagonist is immature and his immaturity suits the character as he is a 16 year old, 10th standard student.

I almost gave up on the book around one third of the way through, the characters were getting on my nerves with their frustatingly stupid acts.

But I am glad I, ploughed on, as it was really enjoyable by the end. The ending by the way is spectacular, so emotional that I was almost in tears.

The love Hero-Heroine felt for each other felt genuine, and was full of ups and downs, just like any other relationship, although I did on occasion feel like slapping Ayush for his childish thoughts.

So, yeah not a perfect book, it’s a bit an effort but in the end very moving and emotional.


                         What I Love About The Book

All the characters of the story are interesting and justifying their role. The book grabbed my interest again in part 3 when Ayush gets to know what Arpita, the female protagonist actually feels for him. The characters are justified by the plotting of the story.

What is actually meant by the word ‘love’ is depicted beautifully in this story.


                     What I Don’t Love About The Book

I find that the story is going nowhere in the middle part. There are some spelling errors and few grammatical mistakes too. I felt like as if some characters were there in the story just to increase the number of characters. There is a problem in  1 or 2 sentence composition also. The story resembles Chetan Bhagat’s love stories to some extent.



This story is a true, teenage love story. It’s full of immaturity but that justifies the characters. Its perfect read for teenagers who have a roller coaster ride in their relationships. It has deep feelings hidden in those insensible acts.

Overall, the book is a good and enjoyable read.

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  1. Nitin Kumar

    Good to see a candid review of the novel. Thank you !

    1. Himanshu R Nagpal
      Himanshu R Nagpal says:

      stay tuned for more.

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