The Unpredictable Heart: You May Be A Victim

Author – MoKSh

Creative Vibes Rating – 3/5

Genre – Fiction

Pages – 110

ISBN- 978-1-4828-5756-6

Publication House – Patridge


The story begins with Mrinav sitting with Jiya and waiting for his friend Jatin. The story takes the pace and gets into flashback and shows the innocence of the Protagonist, Mrinav. He used to work for a call centre when he first met Rati. With a bitter and a emotional beginning, they both get involved with each other and became good friends. Mrinav started infatuated towards her, but destiny played its role. Mrinav was more distracted after some bitter incident occurred so friskily. And then Ankita entered his life.


The story takes a turn and both of them went along really well. They started meeting very oftenly. He was now more afraid to express his feelings because of his past. He was sensing the strange tug-of-war between his brain and his heart. But opportunity knocks not much oftenly. The imprint of his first love was still on his heart. Second time, that too with his office mate was actually very hard for him. He has some friends in the office which helped him to attain his lost strength back. And finally, he decides to share his feelings with Ankita. Will she say yes? Will he able to overcome his past? What’s the role of Jiya in this story? Will Destiny play its role again? To know, grab your copies from HERE.




While reading the book, I was actually thinking that where the book exactly going. The story was loosely tied up and certain characters have no role to play in the story. The protagonist was so sensitive and moving with the flow of life. Certain incidents were so dramatised that it made me wonder that whether I’m reading a book or watching a movie. The explanation of everything was good and well elaborated. The last 20 pages covered every little flaw of the book. And most amazing thing was the last page which leaves the reader into a mind blowing suspense.


What I love About the Book

As i wrote, last 20 pages were just awesome. It gives the reader a major hangover and makes him or think that ‘How is that possible?”

What I found a little inappropriate

The Story was very loosely tied up and just moving with the flow without much involvement of the characters. It somehow confuses the reader and he or she might think that why is it actually happening?


It’s kind of short, sweet and innocent story. If you are a hardcore romance – fiction reader, this will give what you are expecting.


Three words to conclude

  • Sweet
  • Innocent
  • Suspicious

Kudos to the Author


Stay Tuned for More

Love, Laughter & Peace

Himanshu R Nagpal



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