The world is full of uncertainty. Everything is changing from the cells of our own body to position of stars in our vast solar system. Even our thoughts, judgments are subject to change.

We don’t embrace change if we are in close proximity with the changing body, for example:  We see ourselves many a times in a day in the mirror and therefore we are not able to heed the changes our bodies are going through; but we know as a matter of fact that every day we are changing. When we see our friends after a long time, we notice the changes in them, but we don’t notice them changing if we meet them on daily basis. Similarly it happens with our thoughts and choices too. My neighbourhood friend, with whom I share most of my childhood memories, is not more than an acqchange-the-worlduaintance now, we barely talk, not because we have time constraints but because of considerable difference between our thought constructs. It’s my personal choice to avoid talking to her.

Spiritual guru His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar very beautifully quotes: everything in this world changes, our experience changes, our understanding change, our intellect change, we think differently at different times, thoughts are changing and also our emotions.



The question here arises that if everything is changing WHAT IS THE CONSTANT in relative of which there is change? Since we know everything is changing the constant cannot be from this material world.

The “I” is able to observe all change, therefore, this  “I“ must be the unchanging.


Now what is this “I“ ? “I“ cannot be the physical body, neither can it be our thoughts. It needs to be more subtle.





This unseen or this “I“ is our soul or self. It is written in Bhagavat Gita that “soul, spirit, atman, self, etc are words which are used to define subtle nature of ourselves which is invisible and mysterious. Soul is something which can exist within this body & without this body also. This soul is indestructible & immortal.




“Avinasi tu tad viddhi

Yena sarvam idam tatam

Vinasam avyayasyasya

Na kascit kartu arhati “


Lord Krishna said: Know that to be imperishable & indestructible, by which all this is pervaded; for no one can bring about the destruction of this indestructible substance, the imperishable soul.


Last year I went to a seminar by internationally reputed youth icon Rajesh Jagasia, there he asked the audience to close their eyes and touch their eyes, ears, nose, etc.  Then he asked the audience to touch themselves. I was utterly confused. And then I realized I am not this body but I am the most subtlest existence and not any gross entity. He also asked us to observe our thoughts, from this I realized since I am able to observe my thoughts, therefore, this “I“ is more subtler than even my thoughts. It is said in Art Of Living that a human being has 7 levels of existence. These are body, breath, mind, intellect, memory, ego, and self from gross to subtle. We live mostly on the bodily level and
sometimes transcend to breath level. These all levels except the self are changing. Our body keeps on changing, our rhythm of breath changes, our thoughts change, our intellect level change, our memory increases and our ego level too is relative. There is only 1 thing which is not relative and that is self, it is same as a new born baby, it is same when that baby grows to a 10 year old kid and even the same when that child becomes 70 year old person.




This soul is the unchanging amidst the change, everything in this world may change but our soul is permanent in this world, with our body or even after our body ceases to exist, our soul will be there


Instead of struggling to know about this changing world, don’t you think we should utilize our time to ponder on the constant, eternal self?


-Believe in yourself and keep smiling,

Manasvi kansal

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