The Twirled November

The Twirled November

Author – Krishna K Verma

Creative Vibes Rating – 4/5

Genre – Fiction 

No. of pages – 158

Publication House – Inked Company (2017)

ISBN-10: 8193240561
ISBN-13: 978-8193240564

Price – Rs. 175 





The commitment of love is something that is considered sacred, no matter what, if you are committed then you must be dedicated. Krish Malhotra, a guy from Uttar pradesh, lives with his parents, collegiate from kolkata, Harry, Smriti and Avani are his best friends. His approach towards life is simple,  he has no big dreams in his life but to keep his family happy. During his days of college he and Avani fell in love, which brings a turning point in his life, besides some ups and downs Krish never lose faith in his devotion of love for Avani and that not just brought success but also the happiness to him as well as, all those people who were connected to him.

Read the adventures journey of Krish for his search for success, passion and devotion. The Twirled November.


I somewhere found this book simply superfluous, but then looked around and see that,this is actually what’s happening . So it was completely relevant after that. A true author is someone who can create an indirect relationship with his readers, so I suppose Mr Krishna is successful in doing so. Besides There were so many Questions arose in my mind while reading this, one among them is, is he has taken the name of protag. From 2 states? There are some more incident took place that I could co-relate in this book. Mr Krishna has maintained his pace to reach in the heart of youth, and while doing so he has got one in mine.


What I love about the book

Its perhaps the title and the simplicity with which it is written.

What I found a little inappropriate

Is the errors that has been made in the narrative, they are not one or two but around eight to nine. Which was quiet disheartening. Before publishing something a thorough revise of narrative is very important, especially in hard copy.



it’s a nice and simple book, i red most of its parts while traveling in the metro,from tomorrow perhaps, I am gonna miss its character.


well as they say in the end,

kudos to the writers.


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