The Small Boxes

The Small Boxes

This is not an article but one of the entries in my beloved journal. First, let me brief you about my Journal. Everyone has a higher-self as well as a Lower-self. When you feel gloomy or bad about something, your higher-self pull yourself up, cheer you up and take care of your well being. So, my journal is nothing but a medium through which I (my lower-self) communicate with my Higher-self. I hope you enjoy the post and yes, Happy Reading.

The Small Boxes
The Small Boxes

20th July 2019 – Saturday – 8.10 A.M. – Coimbatore International Airport

Today, I’m going to express a feeling which I was unable to express earlier, maybe because I was unable to identify that feeling or maybe I did not have exact words to express it. But Today, I can identify it very well as well as I can find exact words to describe it.

I want to talk about that urge to categorise everything into something. Let me make this clear. My Little friend, why is it so that you always try to categorise each and everything into good or bad, favourable and Unfavourable, Negative and Positive and so on? Why you always see people as friendly or cunning, Lovable or Ignoring and so on? Do you think that in a Hindi movie every attribute of the Hero is positive and every attribute of the villain is negative? I don’t pass judgement, but these kinds of categorised perceptions breed Judgments.
Do you think that it is humanly possible to categorise this whole creation, with all its Bountiful nature, with all its colours and with all the magic spreading to the zenith?

When you try to do that, trust me, you got that inexpressible depressing feeling. You ought to get more confused about how to fit all that heavenly glory in those small boxes of good and bad. You feel a bit bad about yourself as well as about others.

Take a deep breath and think that whether it is possible to categorise each and everything you see or cannot see? Do you think that the Almighty’s creation is just so puny that it can fit in your imaginative but small heads? You need to understand that the creation of the almighty begins a way before our perception begins and goes way beyond our perception endsIn other words, we can say that our perception doesn’t tend to experience even the tiniest part of the divine creation.

So, my little friend, there is nothing bad about not able to categorise each and everything into those small boxes. I feel that its a blessing indeed. Its a way of accepting the things as they are. Its a way of expressing your gratitude towards the creator as well as his/her creation. Its a way of accepting that you too are nothing but a tiny creation of the almighty.

So, How can you judge something of which you are just a part of?

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