The Power Of Solitude

Can you imagine yourself sitting alone in a room doing nothing for an hour? And when I say nothing, I respectively include using your smartphone, checking your Facebook profile or watching television. Boring eh? read on, this article is for you.

If you look at the life of all the successful people, including Thomas Edison, the man who invented the electric bulb. Walt Disney, Barack H. Obama, Bill Gates, Albert Einstien and much more., have the habit of sitting alone for many hours. You will not imagine that Hitler’s Mein Kemph is also a result of sitting alone in solitude. – Evil, yet powerful.

So, first of all, let’s understand that what does sitting in solitude actually mean. When we sit alone, a lot of thoughts revolve around our mind. Our mind is like an untrained monkey, who jumps from one thought to another co-related thought and keep itself occupied. Not even for a minute, it can sit still, without thinking any particular thing. There is no harm in comparing Mind with a monkey. The reason behind this is both can be trained. Sitting in solitude is nothing but the time when you train your monkey mind and not let wandering thoughts enters your mind.

“But the thoughts enter themselves in my mind” you might be thinking something like this, isn’t it?

Yes, indeed the thoughts enter themselves. And the good news is, this is the thing which you need to train.

When I was in 11th standard, I entered the exam hall with a book of Economics for the last minute revision. I was confident that I have revised everything, but I still wanted to have a look at some important concepts before the exam starts. When the bell rang, I got the Question paper and when I lifted my pen to write the answers, out of nowhere an old Punjabi Music track started ringing in my head. I didn’t know why it was happening but I thought that was beyond my control. My Monkey mind was playing its silly trick with me.

When we sit alone for some time, the videos of our childhood’s bad experiences starts playing in your mind. And if you notice, your mind always remain in auto-play mode. Even before the first video ends, another video starts automatically. This continues till your phone rings, or your Mom calls you or your kid starts crying for no particular reason. Just like a helpless kid, you watch the whole show and go back with a heavy head and a sense of uneasiness, that too without any reason. You think that your mind controls your thought process. But the truth is you control your mind and you have full authority to apply a filter on the entrance of your mind, which will throw away the negative thoughts and let the Positive ones gladly enters your mind. Trust me, you have that authority.

With this Article, I will tell you certain ways through which you can guide your thoughts and can improve your quality of life.

    You must have heard that ‘Visualisation is the language of the mind.” Yes, you read that right. You are able to read this sentence because you know and understand the English language. This sentence will make no sense to you if you won’t able to understand English. As you are reading this, you are creating a mental picture of each sentence or a group of sentences. If I say “Green Elephant” instantly your mind will make a picture of a large, green Animal. If I say “Vanilla Ice cream” you will visualize a cup or a cone filled with white color ice-cream filled in that. If I say “A Green Elephant is eating Vanilla Ice cream” your Mind will be able to imagine that picture. This is just because your mind doesn’t understand words, it understands pictures.
    Now visualization can be of course negative or positive. If you will feed your mind with lots and lots of Positive, Enthusiastic, Motivating and tremendous Visualisations, it will help you in taking action in that manner only. Sitting in solitude can be a great opportunity to change your life by visualizing great stuff.

  • Magnifying Thoughts 

Have you ever thought that what is the basic reason of your sorrow or your happiness? What is the reason that you are afraid of certain things, of which others aren’t afraid of or vice versa? The basic reason behind this is your Nature of Thoughts. Any circumstance in your life, let me repeat that – Any Circumstances in your life is nothing but the result of your Thoughts, maybe not directly, but certainly.

Let me make this a bit simple. Every Circumstance is created because you have formed a certain habit unconsciously. Just like driving your car, you are performing that activity unconsciously. Suppose people, don’t enjoy your company and avoid you. And at the end of the day, you think that you are facing this circumstance of roaming alone in every party. But if you sit with the relaxed mind and analyze that you have a habit of asking personal questions like the question about other person’s salary or about his or her relationship and so on. You will be able to analyze that you don’t even consciously think before asking personal questions. And we all know that our constant actions become our habit isn’t? and before performing any action, A thought originates in your mind. In other words, If we analyze or guide our thoughts, we will be able to control our circumstances.


  • Think about Success
    If you go and talk to any successful person, he or she will tell you that his or her success is a summation of his constant positive affirmations and guided thoughts which were always focussed on success. Thomas Edison was failed innumerable times before inventing the electric bulb. But he simply wasn’t able to accept failure. He used to think success and only success. He was consciously feeding his Subconscious mind with success and this was what made him a legend. He accepted by heart that no one can stop him.
    When a person sits alone and consciously believes that he will be successful, slowly and steadily this thought moves on to his subconscious mind and bingo! All the ways, All the routes to your goals becomes visible to you.

  • Get innumerable ideas

I have a friend who is doing a job since five years. Every day he comes back to his home exhausted. He wants to quit his job and start a business. But the problem is he has no idea to start with the business. He always says that he has no time to think.
It is said that what are we searching outside is somewhere deep inside us. Our Subconscious mind is filled with richness and abundance. It is filled with innumerable ideas. The problem is, your Subconscious mind is a slave to your conscious mind. it just follows the orders. it works well when your conscious mind goes to rest. When you consciously give positive lunch to your subconscious mind, it will give you positive solutions.

This is the power of sitting in Solitude. It can work wonders for you.

Now, I want to convey a little message through this article. Many times we sit in solitude and feel exhausted because of innumerable negative thoughts revolve around our mind. The worries, the sorrows, the fear of failure and so on. No matter how hard we try, we always fail to shoo away those thoughts.

The reason behind this is that your negative thoughts have outnumbered your positive thoughts. In this situation, I advise that please share your feelings with your friend, your spouse, your teacher, your counselor and if necessary, with your psychiatrist also. We consider this a taboo in India. But there is nothing harm in consulting a psychiatrist if you think it is required. There is no harm in that. Mental illness, just like the Physical illness needs to be cured.

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May God Bless us All

Love, Laughter, and Peace

Himanshu R Nagpal

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  1. MVG

    Intelligent work. Keep it on!!

    1. Himanshu R Nagpal
      Himanshu R Nagpal says:

      Thank you so much Ma’am 🙂

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    Aditya shukla says:

    Best one.

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      Thanks a lot 🙂

    2. Himanshu R Nagpal
      Himanshu R Nagpal says:

      Thank you so much 🙂

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    Gud Going Bro!????

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    Jasrajdeep Saini says:

    Well written Himanshu, hope to read more articles like these in future. Keep going!!

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    Jasrajdeep Saini says:

    Well written Himanshu…

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