The Magic of Prayer…

The Magic of Prayer…

Prayer! A six letter word which has power to move the mountains. I’m reading these days a lot about Spirits, astral world, paranormal world, life after death, past life regression and so on. One thing which is common in all this is “Prayer”. It’s a therapy which can give many benefits to you and your loved ones, whether they are here in this mortal world or have crossed the border line. Yes! It’s been proved that there’s a whole, different world accept this mortal world by many psychics, channels and many mediums.
Now who are the mediums? They are the blessed mortals who either have natural power or developed a power to communicate with the spirits.
Let me tell you in a gist that what happens when a person dies. According to all the books and articles which I have read, it can be concluded that many a times the soul who have just left his or her mortal body is mostly confused and cannot accept that he has crossed the mortal or physical boundary. They are welcomed with their departed loved ones, their relatives, their friends, peers etc. They guide them initially that how to proceed and where they are placed.

There are 7 planes or you can say stages in that world. 1st being the lowest and 7th being the highest. To set an image in our mind, we can understand that 1st plane is closest to the earth and the Astral bodies are heavy and difficult to carry. It is filled with limitations quite similar with our mortal body made up of 5 elements. On the 7th plane, the bodies are lighter than air and easy to carry. You can say this is the heaven and people with very less Karmic debt goes there.

So every soul gets a guiding Spirit or guardian angel who helps him or her to proceed so that he or she can make progress to a higher plane and enjoy the benefits of it, just like your teacher used to guides you and taught you various subjects thoroughly so that you could pass the examination and promoted to the higher standard.
Some days back I read a case in which a happy go lucky girl attempted Suicide by jumping from the 8th floor of a building in Mumbai. Everyone was shocked and disappointed. Her Mother used to sob from dawn till the midnight. She went into an acute stage of depression. One day a lady came to her and said “Someone wants to have a word with you please come at my place.”

She thought a bit and after getting through with the oblivious situation, she finally went.
She welcomed her and made her comfortable. she slowly whispered that her Daughter (whom she lost some weeks back) wants to have a word with her. She couldn’t control hear tears and started sobbing. That lady explained that she is a psychic medium and via Automatic writing she communicates with the spirits. Automatic reading is like holding a pen lightly and vomit out the spiritual thoughts which friskly flashed in the mind of the medium on a paper and though it’s hard to digest but the spirits actually communicate with us like this. There are certain devices which are used to do this. One is called Planchette, even pendulum is used in the process.
So coming back to the case, the Psychic medium went into a meditative state (Trans State) and wrote all the messages and answered the questions of the Spirit’s Mother (girl’s mother). She explained about the spirit world and clearly mentioned that to make her happy and comfortable prayer is important, very important. So it is advised that instead of sobbing and feeling dejected about our lost, we should pray for our loved ones and should deeply understand that there is a new life with new set of laws, after death. Prayer is extremely helpful in their progress, it is proved.

Now let’s come back to this mortal world, prayer for others is extremely helpful in lessening their Karmic debts. We should pray for those who can’t pray for themselves like Stray dogs, Other animals, and people who are busy in other things. It will help them to do well in The mortal world as well as in life after death. Encourage others to do the same. let’s pray, pray and pray and make this world a better place with the positive vibrations released in the process of prayer.
Questions are always welcome.
See you again
Love, laughter and peace
Himanshu R Nagpal

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