The Living Poet

The Living Poet

The Living Poet – Book Review

Author – Brijesh Mishra

Genre – E-BOOK – Poems and Prose

Creativevibes rating – 4/5

Pages – 27

Publisher – Amazon Kindle Edition


This e-book is full of love and feelings. This reminds us of our teenage life. This book contains only 27 pages, but it’s a big package with the biggest impact. Poet covered the feeling of love, friendship, relationships, betrayal, marriage, Family, everything in this small book. What is exactly teenage love? An infatuation? A deep feeling? Heart beating fast when you see someone? Waiting for long hours to see a glimpse of her? Getting hurt when she gives importance to someone else? Well, answers to all these questions you will find in this book. The foolishness of teenage lover, the conversation between the two of them, the promise made by his pure heart, the fear of losing the love forever are the main highlights of this book.


 I loved this book wholeheartedly. It has such a fresh feeling of love. Poet has put in worth efforts to portray the beauty of love and relationships. I will highly recommend to read this book, not only to the teenage readers but the people of all ages, at it refreshes you and make you feel expressing your love to your loved ones right away. I felt nostalgic when I read this book. It transferred me to my teenage life. the time, where there were no worries about career, EMIs, Family, Future, but was existing the pure heart and Love.

I was struggling with my foolishness and immaturity, was not able to gauge what she feels for me. She asked me how is my life, how would I say, I am breathing only for you. She took me for granted and I being foolish accepted the dejection.

Being heard of Love bears no bars, I believed it truly. The questions keep bothering me in my mind. What didn’t you like? I am not a smart guy this fact, or I am not up to the mark for you? Or is it my poverty who is pushing you far?


The conversation between us was deep as much as my love for you. You pretend not to accept it, made the way for solitude in my life. Wait and realize what I feel for you before it is too late.


A promise I made to myself and with you. It taught me a different meaning of life. Missing someone is overwhelming but not to miss anymore is more challenging.

So readers, the above lines are the gist which I make out from the 4 starting poems. Hope you will love this book.

What I love about the book

The Poet has knowledge about how the person will feel while reading these poems. It can connect to everyone’s life.  and yeah of course it leaves a huge impact on the mind of readers. The book shows honesty the poet possesses.

What I find little inappropriate

Nothing was inappropriate in this book. Overall worth reading. I give a thumps up to the poet for his first attempt of publishing this e book.


I would like to conclude by saying this level of writing can only be done when you have experienced the love, betrayal, and acceptance. Beautifully articulated poems with nice connect and message. I will recommend you to please read.

And to grab your copy of this e book please order from below link.

Be happy, Keep Smiling and Count your Blessings!!

Beena Himthani

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  1. Aditi


  2. Pratyush

    Quiet a nice book with bunch of good poems writer was really able to touch the readers with his words.

  3. Naman

    Tremendous job writer did here. Really touched

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