The Icelandic Voyage

The Icelandic Voyage

The Icelandic Voyage

Where Fire & Ice Meet

Author – Dr. Amit Gupta

Creative Vibes Rating – 4.5/5

Genre – Non-Fiction Travel Book

No. of pages – 159

Publication House – Invincible Publishers

ISBN – 978-93-86148-08-07

Price – Rs. 490/-


Travel books strive on cliches. And mostly it is a single man on a ‘journey of self-discovery’, phew. Well, not this one. The author along with his family decides to take a trip to the outlandish Iceland. It was a huge task first of all to convince his family to side-line a trip to the sandy beaches of Italy or France and linger upon the idea of a country which has active volcanoes. After a delayed nod, they set on a road trip to discover the most unusual tourist destinations in the world. So, what sets Iceland apart, the black beaches, or a crashed plane turned into a tourist spot, or the city where the population of people can be counted on your fingers? Or the non-existence of mosquitoes & McDonalds. They don’t coincide but you cannot find one in Iceland. Read their journey about how the author faces his family’s indolent behaviour and how he deals with it throughout the whole trip. And also, take a glimpse of a rendition of ‘Gerua’, Gupta family style.


Finished reading this masterpiece yesterday; however I am still lost in the thoughts of this magical place the Iceland. Author has so beautifully described about the places he visited in Iceland. I felt like I am actually present there and experiencing that wonderful journey. Author’s observation skills are just awesome. The way he portrays all the feelings and expressions which he faced while travelling is just unbelievable. He has displayed wonderful pictures of the journey, and a list of do’s and don’ts while travelling to Iceland. It’s a complete package book for a family to plan their visit. Now I can imagine how difficult it is to plan a trip to some other country, that too road trip with spouse and kids. It is not easy at all. Before reading this book I was not at all aware of this place, where there is combination of volcanic view and ice. I just want to visit there right now. I am so much influenced. This book surely convinced me to plan a trip at least for once to The Iceland. It’s helpful and a good read. To grab your copies click HERE

What I love about the book

Attractive pictures – he has displayed amazing views from different angles. The most beautiful part was the Gerua moment pictures. I loved reading about the Golden circle as well, “the geysir”. It is showed in the pics, how mesmerizing that place is. I was also amazed while reading about “the Diamond beach”.

So there are many places which seem really attractive. Thanks to the author for the beautiful pictures and helpful information.

Emotions – when I was reading this book, I put myself into that situation and it was so hard to even imagine myself there. He explained nicely about the mood swings of the kids.

What I found a little inappropriate

There is nothing in this book which I found inappropriate. I personally recommend everyone to read this book. Yeah, I can say the pronunciation of the names of some places were really tough. That is not author’s fault though.


To conclude, I would say it is very good attempt by the author to write about his own memorable family trip. And it is very helpful book for others who are planning to travel to the Iceland. Being a Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeon by profession, Dr. Amit Gupta has put his soul in the book. It is really commendable work.

Kudos to the Author

Be happy, keep smiling, Count your blessings!!

Beena Himthani


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