The harsh compunction…

The harsh compunction…

Burning in ashes

She chose to ignite the fire

With the crumbled soul

Her perspiration ran on thorny wire

All she knew was her passion

To embark a journey of creation

Of the world, she had once dreamt,

The harsh compunction

 But the choices she made

Let all her achievements in vent

The realisation lead her to raucous reality

Throwing away the entire clarity

She was in bits and pieces now

Looking for answers in a row

Lamenting over the inexorable

Fuming for pain impalpable

She broke down  silently

The harsh compunction
The harsh compunction




 Rust in her talent,

Is all that she could feel

The demise so apparent,

suffocated her in her own veil

Although sun glittered outside

But darkness was evident inside

Looking at the ceiling for hours

She planned to heal her scars

The harsh compunction
The harsh compunction






 Recollecting her raptured pieces

She commenced a new series

A ray of hope to attain culmination

With confidence and determination

Was enough to reignite the fire

The indurated soul,

Now Strengthened her passion

To reembark her journey of creation

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