The Girl Who Talked Too Much

The Girl Who Talked Too Much

“Hey.. Heyyy..” She whispered.
I ignored her and kept rummaging on the question paper. She pulled my T-shirt from the back.
“What!!” I agitated a bit.
“Could you please atlest help me with the general knowledge section” She said with a childlike face.
“ NO” I said over my shoulder.
“ OK Mr sweaty pants” She taunted.
“Well..” I said and start circling my omr sheet.It was early Sunday morning when I first saw her. She looked all hurried up, flipping her notes and eating tip of her pen, her hair were not done, perhaps that made her more beautiful that day, it was natural beauty that one could hardly fail to admire, especially me. I was still half sleepy when I entered the examination hall. I didn’t know that she was sitting behind me. Suddenly her legs touched my table, I looked backward and saw her, “Sorry” she said. I nodded and looked forward.
“Excuse me” she said.
I again turned backward, “Are you really this much serious or it’s just an examination hall face” She giggled.
I was like “ wha…” .
“ No I mean we could talk for a moment before the exam starts, and look we still have half an hour” she pointed towards the clock which was hang slanted five inches over the white board.
Before I could say anything she said “ let me guess, you are not a morning person, Right?”. I smirked at her, as she was definitely right.
“I knew it” she continued “and you also have a habit to stay up late at night”. Damn, again she was right, “h..o..w.. do yo…” , “ I know I am always right”.
She was a type of girl who could hold your attention and could slip anything in or mostly out of your pocket and you wouldn’t know, there was a strange glittering on her face that people from far distance could acknowledge. But what was the point of all that nuisance and especially during selection of junior engineer in Railways, exam. I was baffled by her garrulous nature. But soon everything was clear, she wanted me to help her with the answers. I simply denied to do that, she was pissed off. Beautiful girls simply can’t tolerate a NO.

After one or more of her attempt of whispering and pulling t-shirt, I stood up and called the invigilator on duty, and complained about the mischievous act of Ms Verbose Pretty face sitting behind. The invigilator seem to impress by her twinkling earrings gave her a warning and moved back to the front row.

I took my sheet and continued reading the long passage from the question paper. The bell rang quiet furiously like the moods of the girl sitting behind me. I stood up to leave the room without looking backward.
“Hey blue t-shirt” the central hall reverberated, I looked behind and it was her.Again.

“Sorry, I just don’t like being disturbed during the examination” I said to her in a formal tone, adjusting my spectacles with right hand and slipping my left hand into my side pocket.
“So you are from Delhi?” she said pretending not to listen my formal tone.
“ do…”,
“ I know everything..” she said and giggled.“You know I have a cousin who lives in Delhi too, but you know it’s so polluted city, how do you survive, wait do you wear one of that funny looking antipollution mask, because my cousin do, but I really find it silly. I mean what’s the point of that mask, you have to remove it someday. Seriously, I mean it’s ridiculous, hey I am hungry, would you like to go and grab something to eat, it’s really hot here, lets go somewhere where we can talk and…”

“You mean you can talk and I only listen.” I said cutting off her gibbering midways.
“No.. hey.. C’mon we both talk and we both listen, it works both ways” She said and pushed me forward with her elbow.
I knew that I was in a deep trouble, a trouble that has two hands two legs and one mouth, that mouth don’t know the true meaning of Shut Up, may be something was deeply wrong with her, maybe she needed a psychiatrist, a good one perhaps. We came out of the gate, her elbow was still situated its tip over my back bone, “We received a free pen, and that lucky bastard got a free pen and a girl in black top” thought a hardworking candidate looking at me with red eyes.
“Where are we going?” I dare to ask, she again pretend not to listen. Finally after two minutes of continuously walking we stopped on a bus stand.
“Sneha Advani” she said putting down her elbow, I looked at her beach sand colored skin and brown reflecting eyes. For the first time perhaps I noticed every detail on her face, she looked more charming under the sunlight than under unnatural lighting. Vitamin D had really done some good worked over her skin. She snapped her finger right in front of my eyes, I return to real world.
“I am Vishal” I continued “and you really talk this much or it’s just a special day?”

“ I don’t talk much” she rolled her eyes.
“Madam believe me, you do” I said in assuring tone.
“Ok may be I do talk much, but who gave you the right to judge me, we hardly know each other” she said in high pitched voice.
“I wonder how I reached here, wait you are the one who forced me to walk all the way to this barren bus stop.” I said in sarcastic tone.
“Why don’t you wanna be with me, Mr?” She said putting one eyebrow up. Such question is not easy to answer, it really take a lot of courage and deep introspection to answer, and moment is not enough reply.
“NO?” …
“I mean I don’t know, I have a train to catch in an hour” I said pointing at my wrist watch. “When in that case you better take off Mr” She said, turning back.
“Its nice to meet you,” stupid me said.
“Same here” she said without turning.
“May be a phone no. or something?” I said in a little loud voice.
She turned back, “Check your pockets Mr”.
I ran my hand across the side pocket and found out a piece of paper that had a ten digit number.



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  1. Peeyush

    And there starts another beautiful story…..
    When I started reading I was like what end did you give to this one but I am glad you didn’t.
    Like always it’s one of the most amazing short stories I have ever read.
    Keep writing, I’ll be waiting for the sequel.

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