The Girl From the other realm

The Girl From The Diffrent Realm Part 4

Mayank was crying like a little kid in the inner room of the hospital where Dr. Sarita and Sneha were sitting. He was avoiding the eye contact with anyone, he was ashamed of himself. He had a sense of guilt, a guilt because of the lack of ability to manage his life. He was crying that something was very wrong in the wiring of his brain. He was crying because he was unable to judge whether Neha was actually a person or a play of his imagination. He was crying because he really wanted to be with her, always.
After a couple of minutes, he tried to manage things up. DR Sarita offered him another glass of Water. He drank it slowly, losing his ability to be in the present moment again and again.
DR Sarita asked him to wait outside of the room as she wanted to have a conversation with Sneha. He got up and sat quietly on the bench outside of that little room.
“Sneha, listen to me very carefully. Your Brother is in an acute stage of depression. In a layman’s term, I call it hallucinating things. He is losing the sense of what’s real and what’s fictitious. He has no friends, no professional connections, no one. As you have told me, he just loves books about Spirituality and all that cosmic stuff. The literature of that kind is undoubtedly heavy for a young man like him. Things have settled down on his subconscious so strongly. He is undoubtedly in danger and losing control of himself. I suggest you to please start his treatment today only.” She vomited each word with a sense of worry.
“Doc, I totally agree with you. But before putting him on any kind of medication, please listen to me. My husband and I were noticing changes since a few days back. We saw him getting ready every morning just to go and sit in the bushes behind our street. Our maid saw him sitting there and talking to himself. He told us this not once but many times. I wanted to consult you at that time but my husband stopped me.” She stopped to sip some water. Her eyes were welling up with tears.
“But yesterday when he collapsed on the street, I broke down too. My Husband, who is a doctor himself, wanted to go deep into the things. He tried to gather information about that house. That property was no doubt disputed. It was not only disputed but it was considered haunted around 30 years back. Three people committed suicide in that house. It is said that a couple used to live there who had a little daughter. The Man was a Lawyer but was a failure. He used to show all his aggression towards his wife, who was a religious lady. He used to beat her up and torture her physically, Mentally and emotionally. She was suffering from everything quietly because of her little daughter. When things went beyond the limit one day, she set herself on fire.” She continued in a low tone, making sure that it didn’t reach upto Mayank ears.
“The whole society started talking about that case, but that man proved that it was an accident. Years passed and his daughter came to college. She was a shy, interovert and a very strong girl. She knew everything but tried to make peace with it. Her Father used to abuse her almost every day and wanted her to get married as soon as possible. She was determined to complete her masters. She wanted to become a lecturer but her Father opposed her. Without her consent, He planned her marriage with a guy who was a Rich Dad’s bad Brat. For the very first time, she raised her voice in front of his Dad and faced a series of slaps from him. She kept quite for a while. Her Father told her to drop her college else things will get worsen for her. She was shattered but wasn’t able to raise her voice against her Dad. Just a day before her Ring ceremony, she set herself on fire, just like her Mother.” Tears started flowing down her cheeks.
“That very day, That man drank poison and fell dead.” She said in a softer voice.
Dr. Sarita passed her a box of tissue kept in a drawer near her. She tried to calm her.
“So you mean that all this isn’t just a case of wandering imagination but something supernatural? I mean don’t you think that this can be a case of mere coincidence? Or may be he had heard of something about this case and it has just settled down on his subconscious? I’m just saying this because as a psychiatrist, I have dealt with some cases where reality is very different from patients belief.” Dr. Sarita said.
Sneha took out a journal from her hand bag. “Doc this is a journal in which Mayank records his dreams. You won’t believe that the incident I shared with you has a total connection with his dreams. They are like the same incidences told in a Different language. Not only that, he has recorded My Grandmother’s childhood, her Home in Pakistan. She wrote about my Grandparent’s marriage. They both died some years back. What I believe is that he is getting messages from some other world. This Isn’t a mere coincidence but something unexplainable.” She said.
Dr. Sarita took a couple of minutes to go through the journal. She was shocked. She quickly took out her phone and called someone. After almost half an hour, a short woman of around 60 years came inside. She was wearing a long white kurti and hanging an old bag around her shoulders.
“Sneha, this is Maya Aunty. She is a psychic reader, means she is one of those people who went into the┬átrance state and communicate with the people who died and went to the parallel world. If what we believe is true, she can help us out.” Sarita said.
Dr Sarita explained everything to Maya and Maya closed her eyes for a while. She was taking deep breaths. Almost an hour passed. Finally, Maya opened her eyes.
“Mayank is right. Neha tried to communicate with him. She just wanted to have a conversation. There’s nothing to worry about. She went to a different realm now. She is now a lighter soul. She doesn’t want to maintain a connection with this world anymore. She is free. She is happy. Mayank will be all right. ” she said with a slight smile, adjusting her round, geeky spectacle.
“Your Brother has a gift. He can travel parallely.” Maya said.
“What does that mean?” Sneha asked.
” See, this world is stagnant at this moment. There is no past or future. Everything is present. What’s present now will be past just after a moment. What’s happening now was future for just a moment ago. Everything is happening parallely. Just like a toy train in an amusement park. All the Toys are present there already, what’s passing through them is the train. Life is that train. It’s like a stream of Water, which is passing through the stagnant Rocks.” She said in a soft tone.
“Your Grandparents are getting married right now in a Different Realm. Neha is still alive in a Different Realm. She is dying in a Different Realm and so on. What’s passing through those moments is life.”
Sneha was trying to make sense. Which means his brother was traveling in various realms through his dreams. She was shocked. Deep into thoughts, she was thinking about how it is possible when someone disturbed her thought process by singing a song outside the room.
“Happy Birthday To You. Happy birthday Dear Neha, Happy birthday to you…” Mayank was sitting and talking to himself. Sneha, Maya and Sarita, all three of them looking at him shockingly.
“Happy birthday to you…”

The End… Or The Begining?

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