The Girl From the other realm
The Girl From the other realm

“After a restless sleep, I woke up at 4.30 and made myself a cup of Tea. There was undoubtedly some problem. I had never faced anything like this in my life. I was afraid of sleeping. I just felt like sitting all day in the park, holding hands with her. I recorded my dreams in my journal with shivering hands. I didn’t want to relive those moments again.” I took a deep breath.

Sarita Ma’am was writing some notes and making a flow chart kind of thing in her slip pad.

“I wore my tracks and went straight to the park sharp at 6. I wasn’t in a mood to run that day. I just went there and sat there and closed my eyes. I really don’t know for how long I sat there. Suddenly a hand touched my Lap. I opened my eyes with a thud and saw that little girl standing there and looking directly at me. She was crying. She was wearing the same white top and long skirt she was wearing in my dream. I started shivering again. ‘Hey, why are you crying? What happened?’ I asked with a concerned voice.”

” ‘I have no friends to play with, I just miss when my Mom used to take me to the park. I used to be so happy. I miss those days. I miss those friends. I miss my Mom.’ She said in a broken voice. Was it a dream or I was still awake? I held her hand and told her to sit next to me. Her hand was cold, as cold as a block of Ice. I was scared like hell but still, I tried to manage things up.”

” ‘Where’s your Mom ?’ I asked her as soon she stopped crying.”

” ‘She is at peace. She is resting from so long. She is happy.’ She said in a soft voice. ‘She has forgiven everyone. After all that bitterness, She has finally forgiven everyone. This world has given a lot of pain to her, but she has forgiven everyone.’ she said. I was numb. I had heard those words before, on the same bench, in the same park. I stood up suddenly and started walking towards the exit. I felt like something stopped me. I turned back and asked ‘What’s your Name kid?'”

” ‘ Neha'” She said while wiping her tears.

I sprinted towards the exit when I saw her entering the park. I stopped when I saw her smiling at me. I was drenched in sweat. I just wanted to tell her everything. I was looking for some answers. I always felt an inexpressible warmth towards her. She came and held my forearm. I was looking at her mesmerizingly. We both walked towards the bench and to my surprise that little girl wasn’t there anymore.”

“We both sat on the same bench and she was still smiling. ‘Why do u look so worried Mayank?’ She asked. ‘You know I’m seeing weird dreams these days. I can’t describe how much disturbed I’m’ I took a breath. ‘ And you know that little girl? I know where is She, She talks exactly like you. I really don’t know what is happening.’ I replied.”

” ‘ Relax Relax Relax Mayank. Everything is Pre-planned. We won’t disturb your life. We won’t disturb anyone’s life. We are happy living parallelly. We accepted our fate, not gracefully, but Yes, we accepted it. We are happy working there. They chose you because of your compassion and your simplicity.’ She held my hand more tightly. That chill went through my spine. I hadn’t understood a single word, But I felt relaxed.

” ‘I wanted to say something to you Neha.  I know this may not interest you that much. But I just wanted to Share my feelings with you. I really think I’m deeply in love with you and would love to be with you. I won’t force you to love me back, but Yes, I wanted to Share my feelings.’ I said. Finally, I did it.”

“She looked at me with a slight smile. I was having a hope. I desperately wanted to be with her. I wanted to sit with her on that bench and chat with her every day for the rest of my life. ‘Mayank, you are a great guy and trust me if I could, I would love to be with you for the rest of my… But that’s impossible my dear Friend. I’m on the path of climbing realm after realm till I attain liberation. This Humanly love is not for us Mayank.’ She replied with a fainted smile and with a teary glitter in her eyes. “

“I took that as a No. I didn’t understand what In the world she is talking about.  I was broken down from the inside.  After so much turbulence in my mind, I was desperately looking for some kind of support.  I saw that support in Neha. She left my hand and sat there quietly for a couple of minutes. I saw her Father walking at the other end of the park.  She stood up and looked again at me. She told me to close my eyes. I closed them. I felt a peck on my left cheek and suddenly I opened my eyes. I saw her smiling at me, waving her hand and smiling. I saw the pain in her eyes. It felt like her true nature is filled with pain, lots and lots of pain. I wanted to stop her, but I couldn’t. That feeling of her lips touching my cheeks was still fresh. I sat there and cried for a while.”

” I again went towards the other end of the street so that I could get a glance of her. Again, her home was locked and dry leaves were gathered in her home’s Verandah. The sweeper was gathering the leaves from outside the gate. ‘ Hey isn’t there anyone at home? ‘ I asked that guy.”

” ‘No one ever came Here bhaiya, This is a vacant property. It is never bought or sold in last, I don’t know how many years. What happened bhaiya?’ He said while holding the broom in his hands.”

I fell unconsciously there. I just remember waking up on my bed and my sister and Brother in law were stood next to me.


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