The Girl From the other realm

The Girl from The different Realm – Part-2

 “That night I had a very strange dream. I saw Neha running in the park. She was all into tears. I started following her.  She saw me behind her. She increased her speed and sprinted like a marathon runner. Suddenly, she took a left and what I saw was fire. Large oak trees were burning from top to bottom. She stopped and looked at me. I was worried. She smiled at me and waved her left hand. I screamed her name at the top of my voice. I ran towards her, but she jumped into the fire. I woke up with a thud. I was drenched in sweat. It was 3.42 A.M.  I drank a glass of water and started writing that dream into my journal. My hands were shivering while writing.”

I took a deep breath. and I saw Sarita Ma’am looking into my eyes. I could sense that she could sense the pain in my eyes. Sneha was sitting next to me. She was listening to the whole thing again.

“Around 4. I slept again. What I saw was our Colony’s park. The little Girl which I saw in the morning was playing in the park. I was watching her playing from a distant place. She looked at me and smiled. She walked towards me but when I blinked my eyes, I saw Neha. I was shocked.”

“I woke up at 7 and went to the park. I saw Neha’s Dad walking briskly on track. I smiled at him but he ignored. That guy was a hard nut to crack. He went away and I saw him going back. I felt a hand on my shoulder. When I looked back, I saw Neha standing and looking at me. She was wearing a round neck Black T-shirt with blue tracks. We shook hands and her hand was freezing.”

”  ‘You know what, you scared me.’ I said to her. ‘Why? Do I look so horrible?’ She asked me with a smile. ‘ I never meant that Neha.’ I replied and she giggled like a little girl. ”

” ‘ So Neha, tell me about yourself, I mean where did you put up before coming here?’

‘Somewhere near. I don’t remember. I really don’t remember.’ She said simply.

Arrey I’m asking just like that. Anyway, who all are there in your family? I met your Dad, I mean I saw him once or twice. What about your Mom?.’

‘She is at peace. She is resting from so long. She is happy.’

“I was unable to understand what was she trying to say. What all I understood was that she died.”

‘She has forgiven everyone. After all that bitterness, She has finally forgiven everyone.’ she continued. ‘This world has given a lot of pain to her, but she has forgiven everyone.’

‘I’m Sorry Neha, I never knew that you lost your Mom at this age.’ I said.

She smiled and we both sat in silence for a couple of minutes.

” ‘You are a good man, very friendly, very innocent.’ She said with a slight smile. My heart was beating at a very high pace. I felt a kind of warmth while sitting near her. I just wanted to sit there forever. ‘That’s why you are the chosen one. Stay like this forever, we need you.’ She said with a glitter in her eyes. And soon that glittering eyes were wet. Tears were rolling down her cheeks, but she was still smiling. I was sitting there, watching her obliviously, unable to understand what to do and what not to do. ‘What happened Neha? Is there something which is disturbing you?’ I said looking her into the depth of her eyes. She shook her head like a little kid and tilted it a bit, like a little kid. I could see a lot of pain in her eyes. I held her hand, like a long lost lover. I had never held a girl’s hand like that before. I felt a kind of confidence, a kind of energy flowing through my veins.”

“We were sitting there for, I really don’t know, maybe for an hour or so. With every second I was falling in love with her. Thoughts were running through my mind like waves in the sea. Why was she so sad? Is she hiding something? Does she was betrayed by some other boy? Does she miss her Mom? The thoughts were uncontrollable. Her hand was getting colder and colder. Finally, she stood up without leaving my hand. I stood up too. She hugged me slightly and I was shocked. She smiled. ‘ I’m feeling much better Mayank, Thank you.’ I smiled too. She waved her hand and exited through the back gate.”

” ‘I should have taken her phone no.‘ I thought. I don’t know why but I had never felt something like that before in my entire life. I walked towards the other end of the park. I saw that little girl again, sitting quietly with a stray dog. She was patting in with her little hands. I felt like going towards her but she went away suddenly. I smiled and went towards my home. While walking, I thought about going to my home towards the other end of the street. The reason behind that was,  I wanted to cross through her home. Like a teenager, I was dying to see her again. I felt a kind of shivering in my whole body when I was looking at her home. It was locked from outside. I cursed my luck and went to my home.”

“Whole day I was thinking about her. I was re-living those moments again and again in my mind. In the classroom, in the gym, I was just thinking about her.”

“I can’t forget that night. I had the strangest dream in the world. That little girl was playing in the verandah of Neha’s home. Neha’s Father and a lady was fighting over a petty issue. Through her eyes, she saw Neha’s Dad slapping that lady with all the force he had. She was shocked and afraid. Neha’s Dad started punching that lady on her belly, She was crying for help. He didn’t stop and threw a jar of pickle which was kept on the dining table. The girl tried to stop Neha’s father but he pushed her too. That lady locked herself in the kitchen. That girl was watching through the kitchen’s window. That lady pulled out the gas stove’s pipe and wiped the blood from her forehead. the next moment, she burned a match-stick and nothing was visible anymore, except fire all around.”

“I was drenched in sweat and was crying like a baby. I wrote everything in my journal. It was still 1 A.M. I was afraid of sleeping again. But yeah, I slept somehow. I was unable to understand what was actually happening. Dream, I learned a bit later, is a language through which they communicate.


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