The Gift of Imagination

The Gift of Imagination

Imagination is the first step of invention. God has created this world, he created beautiful things, one of the best inventions by him are Human Beings. We as humans have power to imagine. God has gifted us brains. We even don’t know our worth, with this imagination we can convert our life from nothing to everything. If you cannot imagine, you cannot achieve.

Ramakant was a 10-year-old boy, who was residing in a small village in South India. He was not studying in school unlike his friends as his father was a farmer and not financially strong. However, Ramakant was intellectual and wanted to study and do something big in life. His father insisted him to help him in fields. Ramakant used to help his father in fields till 3pm and then used to work with his friend as a tourist guide, at near by tourist places.

Ramakant was the day dreamer, he used to imagine that he will have his own tours and travels company one day. Whenever he used to tell about his dreams to family and friends, they used to make fun of him. That an uneducated poor guy is talking about owning a company. But these words never bothered him, his imagination and determination were strong. He kept motivating himself, everyday he tried hard to learn new things. He worked hard, he used to travel to Cochin to work as a guide and tried to learn new languages, as foreigners use to visit South India a lot.

He used to earn only half salary as he was only spending half of the shift after 3 pm. But he kept working like that for few years. He got to know many people working in travels and tourism industry. He got good connections developed with the businessman and hotel owners. Finally, after too much struggle and hard work, one day his imagination turned out to be true, he was turning 20, and struggled for nearly 10 years to reach here.

He opened his own company with a small set up at a posh tourist place. And he achieved what he believed. So, the learning from this story is imagination can help you achieve big dreams.

Be happy, Keep smiling and Count your Blessings!

Beena Himthani

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