The Game of Superiority
The Game of Superiority

It was a beautiful Sunday morning and I was sitting in the park, just opposite my home. I was reading this book called “the power of your subconscious mind” written by none other than Dr Joseph Murphy. So suddenly, this beautiful Stray dog called came running to me and sat near my left leg. I started patting his back, and he was enjoying the treatment, as he started moving his tail in a to and fro motion. By the way, I call him Brownie, not because I’m a racist, but because it has these beautiful brown patches on his back. Suddenly one elderly gentleman entered the park, with his two years old grandson with him and they sat on a nearby bench. They both got the similar greetings from little brownie and that gentleman also started patting his back. His little grandson was observing everything so carefully. What happened next was something very disgusting. That man stood up, picked up a stick from the ground and thrashed it so badly on Brownie’s back that he screamed so loudly and ran for his life. His grandson started laughing and that stupid man was grinning at me as he was expecting some kind of noble peace prize for his act. But I gave him the angriest look I have ever given to anyone. He was a smart enough to understand that the man sitting in front of him is thinking about crushing his collar bone and that too single handly. So he went away from the park with his little grandson. Then I saw little brownie at the other gate of the park, watching that idiotic man going with his helpless and scared eyes.

Every time I think about this incident, I feel like screaming at the top of my voice. I feel so bad about it. But everything is in the past now.

A very good evening to one, and all. Thank you so much for joining me here. By this little incident, I just showcased that how cruel we are towards animals. I remember that when we were little kids, we used to bifurcate animals into two categories – wild and domestic. Wild animals are the ones who live in forests and the domestic are the ones who live near us. Wild animals are more dangerous and domestic are more friendly. But, as we grew up, we started adding another point into this difference table – you need to be trained enough to exploit wild animals and any layman can control and exploit domestic animals. So this is the reason we started using poor animals to pull our carts and we use this big stick as an instrument to increase the speed of the cart, by thrashing it so badly on the animal’s back. We make an animal stand for innumerable hours in our so called Shadi ki baarat and less we realize that the poor animal is turning deaf, it is losing its tendency to hear because of our so called idiotic noises of drums and fire crackers. It is a mere enjoyment for us, but it is a punishment for them. Not only that, we kill them. We put their flesh in a vessel. We add some spices or curry on it, just to show some more hospitality to our guests. We are playing this never ending game of superiority from so long.

The Game of Superiority
The Game of Superiority

Which means that if I’m stronger than you, I have the full right to hold your neck and make you dance and do acrobatics in front of innumerable people, just because I want to earn money and fame. Not only that, I consider my obvious right to train you too brutally for a couple of months, that too against your will so that you don’t commit any mistake in front of my audience. How will you feel? Disappointed, humiliated or helpless? What will you do? You will file a suit against me, right? But what about the poor animals? Ohh! We have animal rights and animal laws, right? so let me share another incident with you.

In the year 2016, there was a little dog called Bhadra. A stupid man took him to a 3d floor of a building and pushed him from there. Not only that, he shot a video just to upload it on facebook because he wanted to accumulate some likes and comments. Bhadra lost his legs in that accident. Animal rights? So one NGO filed a case against him and he also got arrested in a week or so. But, in next 30 minutes, he got a legal bail in just rupees 50. The daily travelling expense in Delhi is I think much higher than that. So can we say that life of a dog is not more than 50 rupees in India?

The Game of Superiority
The Game of Superiority




























I remember that when I was a little kid, once my Dad took me to a circus. I was too excited about that. There I saw a big elephant was hitting a ball with a bat and lion was jumping through a ring in a cage. It was so fascinating. I was so amazed that I told all my friends about it. But today I feel ashamed of that. I realize now that how brutally they got trained to entertain us.

If we talk about the zoo, where we go and tease lifeless animals behind the cage. We make fun of them. We even throw pebbles at them. We don’t realize that this is not the way to treat animals. And our government is still not mature enough because these circuses and zoo are still running all across the country.

I feel that this is the high time guys. This is the time we should join hands together and take the required step. But first of all, we need to realize that this planet earth is not only for humans but for all the flora and fauna as well. We need to realize that we humans are not above nature; we are just a part of nature.

The Game of Superiority
The Game of Superiority

You must be wondering that why the heck I’m talking about this. There are innumerable other topics to talk about. And I’m not giving you any facts nor any statistical data. I just talk what I feel bad about. The truth is I can’t bear the sight when I see the flesh of goats and chicken and other animals hanging on the butcher’s shop. I can’t look into the eyes of those little chickens who are caged inside a little box. Little do they realize that they are about to die and their flesh will be sold for 200 rupees per KG. I can’t tolerate that. I have committed mistakes. I used to be a carnivorous animal. But I can’t take this anymore. And most importantly, I’m talking this for my little 3 years old Pomeranian, who is waiting for me back at home. Whom I love so much, and he loves me more.

So I think I have made myself clear and rest is up to all of us.

Thank you so much, everyone.

And May God bless us all.

Note – this article is a part of my address at a weekly meet up of a public speaking society called “The Loudspeakers”. It’s a Non- profit organization started by Mr Abhijeet Jain.

Love, Laughter and Peace

Himanshu R Nagpal



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