The Flame of Anahata

The Flame of Anahata

Author – Saranya Umakanthan

Genre – Fiction (love)

Creativevibes rating – 3/5

Pages – 272

Publisher -General press


The Flame of Anahata is a gripping story of friendship, love, betrayal. Suraj the protagonist of the story runs Star Advertising Agency with his best friend Various and his love Diya. He is also a movie star ” The latest heartthrob” of bollywood. He is not only a reel life hero but a super savior in real life too. He is dawned with the responsibility of saving Shaktipur by acquiring Mann-Parivarthana-Astral before “Asur-The dark forces”. He reminisces his past only to find that he was Indrajith in his previous birth. The series of events then unfold as he has to resolve his issues with Diya. Since she dismissed his love in her apprehensions.

We are also taken back to the past life of Suraj i.e. Indrajith’s life. Then comes the flashback of flashback where we are introduced with Indrajith’s father’s best friends and the mystery to open “The Paanch-Dost-Gupha ~ The cave of five friends”. This enigmatic story witnesses betrayal from one of these five friends. Who are these friends? Who is treacher? Who is Asur? What are his intentions? How will Suraj get hold of that astra? What was his past life? Will diya accept his love? Is she also a part of this game? To find answers o all these questions,  grab a copy of this book now.


The theme of the story is based on the fire of love and the ethereal bond of friendship. The plot has innumerable twists and turns. This one story unravels many stories within. Narration of the story is done well but in heave of telling different stories the grip on the first one is lost. The tittle of the story is aptly justified in the end. The book flip flops you to past and present, from one story to another, from love to friendship, from misunderstandings to hatred, from trust to fear.

What I love about the book

The imagination of story is supremely awesome. The mystery to open the cave is carried till the end which coerces the reader to flip the pages. Also it compels the reader to ponder on how the loose strands of various stories will b entangled.

What I find little inappropriate

The story is far from reality. It is purely a work of fiction which is unbelievable. The urge to include various aspects have taken a toll on the narration. Some of the incidents and characters are unnecessarily added.


The plot is highly creative. The story line has a classic differentiation from the love stories of new generation like. If you are tired of reading college love tales, then grab this one as it offers a dramatic fresh air. Also if you are someone who loves to enjoy mysterious past life tales then this one is made for you. Overall the book is a decent read.

Richa Gangwani

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