The Day Before I Died.- Matryoshka in East.

The Day Before I Died.- Matryoshka in East.

Author- Ashi Kalim 

Genre- love, travel, History.

Creativevibes rating- 3/5

Pages- 90

Publisher- Notionpress

ISBN-13: 978-1946869319


It is a story of a Russian Girl, Svetlana. Whose father was a powerful Russian Monarch. Based on true events, this story take its right turn when a Kuwar From Indian comes to the life of the girl, and how they fall in love and find there-self in unusual circumstances. besides this, the story is also packed with juxtaposing thoughts of a father and her daughter, a fight between a woman’s tenderness, and a Man’s crave for power and jingoism.


The Story revolve around Mid-nineties when people of Soviet Union was fighting an Identity crises. At that time there were People like Joseph Stalin who were real opportunistic and with there money power they capture the states and started ruling on it. These Monarch were generally cold at hearts, Family and friends doesn’t bother them much, there ideology were aberrant and there thinking is always about the development of there own country even if it cost a blood of his own son. The Daughter of this Monarch is the Protag. of the story, she was always against her fathers ideology, she was a pacifist, and had a good soul. The turn in the story actually beings when a kuwar(Prince) Brajesh from India visits Russia, before meeting him, Svetlana (protagonist) had a funny knowledge about India, but the Prince gave her the picture of  True India and Indians which at some extent fascinated her, Meanwhile she Fall in love with him, the Prince is also somewhat attracted towards her, between this perplexity, he return to India. Svetlana missed him, and when his first letter from India arrived to her, she couldn’t control her self and traveled to India to meet him and tell him about the feeling she had   in her heart.


What I love about the Book

Its Cover and the spotless research that has been done by the author. The Monologue that has been added between the chapters were truly a bliss.


 What I find  inappropriate. 

Is the Mistakes in spellings, there are not one or two, but around fifteen to twenty, which is preposterous and that too in a paperback edition. Such Mistakes are not expected by the publisher and proof readers. There are also some Loop holes in the narrative. Also the Synopsis claim this story to be a, a story of betrayal, but there is none.


If You Really want to read a story which is packed with Obsession of love and devotion and little thriller then go and buy a Copy, but please don’t expect much as it may disappoint you.




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