The Dawn at Dusk

The Dawn at Dusk

Author – Sandeep Nayyar

Genre – Combined a bygone Era with Fiction

Creativevibes rating – 4/5

Pages – 238

Publisher -Ocean Paperbacks


A gripping tale of love, betrayal, and vengeance, steeped in the magical realism of post-Vedic India. Shatvari is a beautiful young Brahmin girl, practitioner of classical music and firm believer in the holy Vedas and its spiritual philosophies. The king of the Yaduvanshis and his scheming priests twist that faith to turn her into a bloodthirsty Chandaal warrior. Exploited and shattered, Shatvari hunts a magical Yantra and the spiritual powers it contains. But in her single-minded pursuit of revenge, she falls victim to the curse lurking within the very same miraculous powers. Elsewhere, the young Nishaad King Neel, courtesans Amodini and Vaishali, and the Yaduvanshis’ nemeses the Raghuvanshis, gear up to enter the fray as well. What heavenly powers lie within the Yantra, and what curse stays the hands of those who would unleash them? Can Shatvari survive that curse and harness those powers? Will the Yaduvanshis’ other enemies help Shatvari seek her vengeance? Or will the story end in all-out war?


This book is based on the era of 8th century and depicts the most unforgettable realism of post vedic India, this is a very interesting attempt of the author. As reading a book which is from a genre of combination of bygone era and fiction may not attract much readers. But in this case, it is totally worth reading. Author has plotted the story very well; all the characters contribute well in the story.

Shatvari – the female protagonist, she is a beautiful Brahmin girl, I am in love with that character. she is against caste system. She hunts, a magical Yantra, which contains spiritual powers.

Author has gripped the nerve of the readers, with this amazing plot, the casteism issues has always created havoc in society, this is well created tale where the female protagonist tried hard to provide social satus to a lower caste guy Gunjan. The mystery to unleash the powers through Yantra, the revengeful attitude, the societal limitations, all these aspects make the story highly creative.

Characters including Nishaad King Neel, Raghuvanshis, Yaduvanshis, all plotted together in an unimaginable way. The deeply set story gets engrossed in the mind of the reader. I will recommend all to read this book. Kudos to Author.

What I love about the book

I love the story concept, the fight against the caste system is read worthy, Characters are also very interesting.

The imagination of story is supremely awesome. The story is deep set of 8th century but author’s writing style is modern and its make the book more creative.

What I find little inappropriate

Some of the incidents are unrealistic. Rest everything is superbly designed.


The plot is highly creative. The story is very different from other love stories. This one is also a good example of women empowerment. Shatvari is a great warrior.


Be happy, Keep smiling, Count your Blessings

Beena Himthani

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