Author – Divyamaan (D-MAN)

Genre – Fiction (Satire)

Creative Vibes Rating – 4/5

No. Of Pages – 289

Publisher – Frog Books

ISBN – 978-93-520-17-44-7


In the year 1999, Pakistan lost the Kargil War and unable to accept that defeat. And the way they lost that war was extremely humorous because India played a trick on their army and distract their distraction by sending Barjatya’s Movie Cassettes and few bottles of Old Monk. They got distracted and planned to attack back but not with the arms and ammunitions but planned the war in a different way.

17 years later, a group of 5 boys – Ravi, Param (Pappu), Karan, Rohit and Prakhar who were pursuing Engineering from an Institute called ‘Just Another Institute of Technology ‘ were preparing for an annual competition of counter Strike. The game was their religion and they were darn serious about it. They named their team as ‘the mutants’. On the day of the annual competition, Ravi, who was leading the team was not able to perform well and lost all the hope but Param’s (Pappu) outstanding performance made them champions. They won the game at the very last moment. But no one congratulated them. There was less crowd around as compared to the last year. They felt a little dejected.


Just like many engineering students, they had to reappear for many previous exams. It was their result day and Param was quite sure that he will be going to flunk in some subjects again. But what happened was something shocking. All five of them scored amazingly well and were in top 10 lists. There was some serious problem.

The other day Ravi went to Library to read the newspaper after a very long time and what he saw was just ridiculous. The newspaper was 120 pages thick and filled with useless advertisements and gossips about TV soaps and celebrities malfunction and butt cracks. He felt a little dejected. Somewhere inside the pages, he found an alarming news. He saw That Pakistan Army was marching towards Srinagar to take it over. Their next target will be New Delhi. He was extremely shocked and called the newspaper office and after setting a meeting with them, they confirmed the news. He went into the details of newspaper’s ownership control and discovered that almost all the news agency’s major stakeholders are four organizations placed in Mumbai.




Then an epic battle which involves Prime Minister Mody, CM Kejriwal, Arnub Gooswamy and the most epic battle of the era begins. Will they win this time? Who is the man behind all this? Will India able to overcome this serious problem?

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The Book is highly humorous. the comic timing and the punches inside the dialogues will make you laugh from the beginning till the end. The Author is extremely imaginative and used all the political debates and Twitter updates of the politicians and Bollywood stars from a very different angle. In India, where everyone is interested in political debates, D-MAN uses this in a very different way. It is extremely difficult to make someone laugh and he did his job very well.

If we look at this in a different way, this book shows the society a mirror and you will be amazed to see your own reflection. What have we become in just a couple of decades? We cannot imagine our life without idiotic tv soaps where girls are becoming housefly and gathering lot of TRP? Why are we hooting when an actor removing his shirt and fighting with 20 people that too all alone? What we are not realizing is that this is covering our major part of intellect and day by day we are becoming dumber. Our brains are rusting off and craving for our daily entertainment dose. We are becoming more interested in celebrities life more than our own life. This is a slow poison which is affecting the whole society very slowly.

There were few grammatical and sentence formation errors which were done intentionally and repeated every time intentionally on the basis of the personality of the Character. All over it is a must read and very different from the other books in the market.

Kudos to the author.

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Love, Laughter and Peace

Himanshu R Nagpal



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