The lighting was dim and flowers were fragmented uniformly, it’s fragrance was unique and enchanting.
Keshi shifted his attention from the long veil of his bride, to the picture of his mother at one corner of the bed. Soon he started to compare both the figures. Starting from the maroon wedding saree to the long golden nose pin. For a moment he was perplexed. A strong shock of current passed through his nerves. He tried not to look at the picture, but things didn’t worked out for him that well. Since childhood keshi had been to this room but today he was tensed and instead of getting lost into the eyes of his bride and kissing those glossy petals of lips. He slipped at the edge of the bed and lie down straight. For some time he kept looking the empty mosquito frame and then watched the long string of rose attached to the upper frame of this bed, the fragrance of the flower were so enchanting, that he felt like leaving this room.


…In this very room, his father and mother are lying down, from the swing in the lobby little keshi is constantly looking at them. Maa lying beside daddy look so young, so beautiful…


…Maa sitting right in front of dressing table is getting ready, little keshi is constantly watching her from the back of the door. Maid yesterday told keshi a fairly tale whose protagonist was a beautiful Angel, keshi pictures his mother as that angel. Mother find keshi and called him in, little keshi ran and put his head in his mother’s lap. Mother combed her hair from one hand and lovingly rubbed keshi’s head from the other…


…Little keshi didn’t had a faintest idea about the man who always visits his house with a snake around his neck, he put one end of the snake into his ears and other end on daddy’s chest, then he put needle into daddy’s arm. Daddy didn’t cry but keshi did. Maa embraced him and took him into the other room…


…Daddy is sleeping on the floor. Peacefully. Everyone in the house are crying. Little keshi also cries. Other Ladies are breaking maa’s red bangle, but no one ask her to stop crying…

…thats the same side of the bed on which little keshi is sleeping, where his father use to sleep. Maa is also sleeping wearing a white clothes. The morning rays of the sun has just entered the room and soon fall over maa’s face, but she is still sleeping. To keshi she looks like the angel who has been cursed by evil to sleep till eternity. Silently he goes to her and gives her a “kissi”. Maa wakes up, and took little keshi into her arms and kissed his forehead, eyes and lips…


…Keshi is embraced by his mother, she told him a story of a prince who crosses seven seas to reach his beautiful princess.
After the story ends
Mother asked keshi, “will you also marry such a beautiful princess”
Little Keshi thought for a moment and innocently said “no I’ll marry you.”
Mother smiled and graciously told keshi that a son cannot marry his mother, but she gave him a promise that his bride would be as beautiful as his mother.
“Okay, but I’ll take this same bed”
“Sure I’ll give this bed to you and your bride.”
And then she embraced him tightly…


“What happened is everything alright” suddenly asked the bride, putting her hand on keshi’s forehead.
“No it’s nothing” keshi said breaking the chain of faded memories. Keshi smiled, a smile which looked more like a deep breath. His mother kept her promise, as the bride she had chosen for her son was as beautiful as herself. Her big brown eyes, bold face, tender cheeks , firm lips and pearl like teeth were mesmerizing.
A big, beautiful and modern bed had came in dowry, but mother had to keep her promise, it was not just the bed, she gave her son her own room.

Bride lean towards keshi trying to look him into his eyes, but she was still unable to figure out the problem. Out of love, filled with bit awkwardness, she started titillating her hands on his head. For sometime keshi was lying still, suddenly he slipped his hand into her neck and gently pulled her close near his chest. For some time he remaind in this very position then keshi looked at her eyes and kissed her neck. His body turned warm, he wanted to move ahead and make love to his beautiful bride, but that photo on the corner desk distracted his consciousness. He picked one pillows and cover that photo. But his efforts goes into veins, as covering the photo actually personified his thought about it. He looked at the bride and saw that her face turning into some other, more familiar, face. “No,no,no,no…” he screamed inside his heart, and jumped out of the bed, and left the room.


Moon light was dazzling through the window of the front porch of the house. For sometime, keshi waited in the lobby looking out from the window. Then he came out of the house to the garden area. He saw that the lights of guest house was still on, his mother oughtn’t have slept. He sauntered in the garden for a while then suddenly a shooting pain occurred in his left arm, he thought it to be a normal ache and tried to stretch his hand but the pain persists, and he fall on the moist grass. When husband not returned for some time, the bride came outside looking for him, she checked the other rooms and then kitchen but there was no sign of keshi, she then looked out of the window from the lobby and saw him fainted on the grass. She was suddenly worried and ran outside. His body was cold and at ease, she screamed and people from guest house gathered in the garden. Mother also came running to check but she was late, everyone was late. He was gone.



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