The Art of Self-Maintaining

The Art of Self-Maintaining

This is not an article but one of the entries in my beloved journal. First, let me brief you about my Journal. Everyone has a higher-self as well as a Lower-self. When you feel gloomy or bad about something, your higher-self pull yourself up, cheer you up and take care of your well being. So, my journal is nothing but a medium through which I (my lower-self) communicate with my Higher-self. I hope you enjoy the post and yes, Happy Reading.

Before Begining, I request you to take three deep breaths 🙂

18th July 2019- Thursday- 11.12 P.M.- Salem (Tamil Nadu)

Look at this very carefully my little friend. Maintaining yourself is not just taking care of yourself. It’s about making your daily tasks effortless. It’s about making yourself feel light at every moment of the day. Before proceeding, we need to understand what does it mean to make yourself heavy. Okay, now feeling heavy means you are carrying some

The Art of Self Maintaining
The Art of Self Maintaining

weight. So there are two kinds of weights which you carry which can be dangerous for you well being. The first is Physical.

When you are physically heavy, life is a constant trauma. You are not able to enjoy that agility in your body. You have to be dependent upon others for many tasks and yes, you feel less energetic and you get tired very often. You have to make a lot of effort to do simple tasks in your day to day life.

My purpose in writing this is not to point out the areas where you are out of shape but to discuss the second type of weight which we carry in our day to day life.

And That’s Emotional Weight.

What is an Emotional burden?

For a while let’s not categorize emotions as good or bad. Let’s try to look into ourself and feel that which emotions are making ourself feel Heavy and which are the ones which are making us feel light.

For you, Anger is a constant burden which is making your existence heavy. Fear makes you feel heavy. Self-Hatred, Regret, lack of appreciation, lack of control, Lack of Acceptance, facing changes and the list continues.

On the other hand, what are the emotions which are making your existence light?

Laughing till your belly starts aching makes your existence light. Feeding a stray Animal makes you feel lighter. Helping a stranger, Loving your neighbour, cleaning your surroundings, helping to make the world a better place to live and Reusing and recycling the products to manage waste makes your existence lighter.

So, my little friend, The Art of self-maintaining is adapting the lighter emotions and avoiding the heavier ones.

It’s about making your existence in the world… Lighter…

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