Terrorism – a curse

Terrorism – a curse

The world today is in the grip of terror more than ever before. No continent except Antarctica can boast of being free from terrorist violence. Terrorism whatever its ideology, leaves behind death and destruction only. The long persisting problem of Kashmir, Talibani attacks, Pathankot and Uri terrorism — there are more conflicts than a common man can take in.


But, terrorist was not created in the womb of the mother nor did any child have a dream to turn out to be a man-eater. Then how and who is manufacturing these anti-nationalist? From where this feeling of alienation is coming? The bane behind this grouse is social-political injustice against the minor group of society, which further leads to the feeling of estrangement. Also due to lack of political inclusiveness in states or grievances against a certain political order may cause individuals to join or create terrorist groups. Ethno-nationalists break away from a government to create a state of their own on the other hand political grievances aspire to change the order within the current one.

But amongst all these forms of terrorism “Cross border terrorism” is fretting all Indians. The catastrophic Uri attack on 18 September 2016 that slayed lives of 19 soldiers, has created a major distress among all of us. The investigation agency took over the investigation from Jammu and Kashmir. But allegations are on rife that Pakistan had significant involvement in the attack. Indian government is taking appropriate steps to boycott Pakistan and declare it as a “terror state”. PM Narendra Modi has also refused to visit SAARC summit in Islamabad followed by Bhutan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh and finally the summit is called off.


Still, I am personally so amazed about the others ways in which ¬†we are dealing with this issue. Obviously we all are traumatized, frightened, shocked, enraged about whatever happened. But threatening Pakistani actors to leave the nation is something very absurd. I don’t feel that this will any way benefit us, in fact aren’t we providing Pakistani’s a proper valid reason to hate us? Isn’t it ironic that instead of fighting from our enemies we are actually increasing their count. Also these actors are presenting their skills and talents which they have acquired after a real hardwork. How can we judge someone’s talent on the basis of their nationality? Even if some of you can, Is it ethically correct?


On national front, we all, our government should be prepared to fight out the evil of terrorism. To be caught unaware is bad enough, to be unprepared is simply unacceptable. But government unfortunately has done precious little in past. Equipment, manpower, training – National Security Guard (NSG) is lagging behind on every front. We in India are in a habit of getting agitated in the aftermath of an incident and then giving back to our bureaucratic ways once dust has settled. It has happened after Pathankot. It must not happen after Uri.

Many of us are also ready to commence a war. We are ready to slaughter our enemies. But have we thought about its wreckful consequences? War will not only ruin our rival state but also there will be loss of blood and property within our country. Are we sure we are ready for this? An eye for eye will only make the world blind. So instead of resorting to violent ways, lets act smart, our respected PM Narendra Modi rightly said that we are ready for a war, a war against poverty, discrimination, corruption, illiteracy, unemployment. We all need to refocus ourselves on making India a super power. Money is lifeblood of terrorism, and one of our number one priority should be to stop money flowing to terrorist before can be used for bullets and bombs. The part of youth that is addicted to drugs is unintentionally financing these terrorist to buy a bomb and grenade to murder humanity. Let’s get aware and educated, about our deeds that are actually helping these monsters as education is the only power terrorists fear the most. Terrorism will end, it will end when we all will unite.



– Richa Gangwani

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