Taking break is a Life Hack!

Taking break is a Life Hack!

Why taking a short break in between work is important? In this “every walk is a race” environment, taking a short break is a life hack. Working for long hours continuously leads to exhaustion. It creates stress and mess in mind. After working for long hours when you finally call it a day, it gives you unique fatigue and disturbance. So, it is a fruitful idea to take short breaks in between. We just need to realize that we are not machines, we need rest. Even machines need rest otherwise they break down.

You must have observed that when you have a tiresome day at your workplace, your evening also goes in a bad state. And when you have a refreshing day, your evening also gets uplifting. So, to maintain a good enthusiasm for a full day you need to start in a well-planned way so that you have a nice day. And when you go to bed, you should feel happy. And your next day would be welcoming. Try this, Work for around 2 hours at a stretch, then go for a tea break or for a short chit chat with colleagues, then again work for 2 hours and can go for lunch break and so on. Life is more than a work journey. There is much more to learn outside the work area. Be it any profession, a short break is important for all.

Now we talked about taking short breaks in day to day life. However, taking a break in terms of a vacation is also efficient strategy. I was reading an article in a magazine related to it. It was mentioned that going on a vacation occasionally is a big stress buster. We often talk about stress management, but we don’t apply this, going on a holiday at your favorite place with your friends and family is a productive idea. Benefits of doing this are many like, it prepares your mind for the new task, it gives you energy for the upcoming committed assignments. On a holiday, you feel energized and fresh, which reflects in your productivity.

World is changing day by day, we are becoming more competitive and career oriented. However, our health cannot be taken for granted. Health issue is a common cause in everyone’s life. Somebody has backache issue because of long sittings in office. Somebody has headache because of stressful working days. So, taking all this in consideration, give it a thought. Try to plan and balance life. Go for short and refreshing holiday, come back and start again. Life is too short to enjoy fully.

Breaks for students are also very important. My mom used to say, stop studying for a while and go for a play-cation. You will feel energized and happy. Studying continuously for long hours is not a good idea, for first few hours it is fine, later you will not gain anything and just waste time. Students now a day have an exhaustive lifestyle, they keep on struggling with school, projects, classes, examinations etc. They are being stressed day and night. Parents don’t realize that if getting a top rank in an examination is significant for their kid, then having good health, positive thinking and enthusiasm is equally important. They pressurize their kids to study more and score good marks but don’t allow them to chill out and enjoy life.

Life is more than scoring good marks, or getting a good job, or high salary. It is for happiness, creativity, friendship and love. Breaks helps you to communicate with others, get to know each other, establishes lifelong bonding too. My idea of taking a good break is, in evenings I read something inspirational, or watch something inspiring on YouTube for about 30 mins. It keeps me going. And on weekends either I travel or I paint or cook something different.

So, think, plan and do. Enjoy life until it is too late. I would conclude by saying, Breaks are of many types. But some useful are as follows:

Vacation or holiday, lunch break, tea break, Exercise break, meditation, power nap, creative activity, relaxation, fun activities, reading, writing, cooking etc.

What is your idea of taking break? Please share your reply in comments section below. Would love to know about you.

Be happy, keep smiling and Count your blessings!

Beena Himthani

One thought on “Taking break is a Life Hack!

  1. Manushreya Sharma
    Manushreya Sharma says:

    Hi Beena Di. What a refreshing article. Loved your way of taking a break and hv a detox. For me, an ideal break would be without a phone but my dslr, diary and notebook and time to introspect in any natural setup. I love sitting in my garden at home, look up at the sky, observe the baby plants growing and enjoy the serenity. Keep writing. Love.

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