Pardesh (परदेस)

The moral of this story is that, if you happen to have a wife, then steal your heart and kill her cold blooded as soon as possible. Otherwise your life would be no less then…

The sorrowful evening ;

It was friday morning when I hurried towards the battery rickshaw, from noida city centre metro station to go to my college. I sit across a middle aged man with spectacles, reading the indian express….

Ashvamedha – The Game of Power

Author – Aparna Sinha Genre – Political Thriller Creative Vibes Rating – 4/5 Pages – 214 Publisher – Shrishti Publications ISBN – 978-93-82665-76-2 Blurb “You have to dethrone a powerful man to become the most…


The Bogus Read

Author – Divyamaan (D-MAN) Genre – Fiction (Satire) Creative Vibes Rating – 4/5 No. Of Pages – 289 Publisher – Frog Books ISBN – 978-93-520-17-44-7 Blurb In the year 1999, Pakistan lost the Kargil War…