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Word is an important WORD

Can you imagine life without words? Can we spend whole day without saying a single word? Sounds difficult, right? It means no words no imagination? The most imperative mode of

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Jim Morgan And The Seven Sins

Author – Bharat Madan Genre – Fiction (Thriller) Creativevibes rating – 3/5 Pages – 304 Publisher – Blurb Jim Morgan And The Seven Sins is a moderate thriller that

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Many of us being adolescents go through many changes which we start blaming on our surroundings and it becomes difficult for us to cope with them but if we are

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One Indian Girl

Author – Chetan Bhagat Genre – Fiction Creativevibes review – 3.5/5 “One Indian Girl”, as the name suggests it’s a story of Radhika, a simple girl who is extremely brilliant

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