Sameer’s favorite spot was Sunanda ice cream parlor, where he used to spend precious moments with his friends after the coaching classes. Unaware about the fact that somebody waits for him every day, just to see him silently from the window. This ice cream parlor was a small stop for the students where they relish their desires and chit chat after their tiresome classes. It was situated at the corner of the street, surrounded with many offices and coaching classes. Sunanda’s dad run this small business set up and live just above the shop in their small 1 Room flat. Sunanda was sweet 16 and used to wait for Sameer every day just to see him through her bedroom window from 1st floor above shop. She was even not aware about his name or any info. She just wanted to see him as a daily ritual.

Sameer was a mischievous guy, 17 was his age, he was preparing for his final exams for 12th standard, he was studying in top private school of the city and had a big dream of moving to abroad for further studies. Sameer was intellectual and all his friends loved to spend time with him. Even the girls of the group admire him for his sense of humor.

Sundanda ‘s dad Mr. Sharma was a very humble and respectful person. He lovingly serves the ice creams or the sodas to the students. And discuss with them about their studies and the future – plan. He was a little upset by the fact that Sundanda could not go to big school like these students. Though she was intelligent, but Mr. Sharma, was looking after this business since few months only, earlier he was living and doing business with his brother, but unfortunately he took all their money and moved to some other place, leaving Mr Sharma’s family with no money, Mr. Sharma then did the hard work and set up this small shop with great efforts.

Sunanda being a shy girl, never talked to any of the customers of the shop, she used to come down stairs to the shop with any stupid reason to tell to his father,  like collecting some ice or some flavored milk or something, try hard to have a conversation with Sameer or his friends, so that she can be in contact with them, but somehow fail to start the talk and moves back to her home. Then curse herself for being dumb for not starting the conversation.



It was 26th Aug, Sameer’s birthday. His friends were singing loudly the birthday song for him, right from the coaching exit to the shop. Sameer promised to give them ice cream treat. They surprised him with the birthday cake, with his favorite Fresh fruit flavor. He was so happy to see it, he cut the cake and enjoyed with his friends. Suddenly something clicked in his mind. He offered some cake to Mr. Sharma, he took it and gave blessings to Sameer. Then Sameer asked him gently, uncle can I give some cake to Sunanda? Mr. Sharma happily agreed, he reached to the stairs and called her name. She was astonished.

She was not able to believe that Sameer was calling her name. at first, she fumbled, then she slowly reached near stairs and saw him standing downstairs, then she slowly came down, keeping a sweet smile on her face. Sameer was looking straight into her eyes, confidently offered her a big piece of cake. She hesitated then took it and said “Thank you, and happy birthday”.

He said you are beautiful, and you look beautiful every day. Gave her a tissue as well, his contact number was written on it.

Be happy, keep smiling, Count your blessings!

Beena Himthani


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