Still Accumulating?

This is not an article but one of the entries in my beloved journal. First, let me brief you about my Journal. Everyone has a higher-self as well as a Lower-self. When you feel gloomy or bad about something, your higher-self pull yourself up, cheer you up and take care of your well being. So, my journal is nothing but a medium through which I (my lower-self) communicate with my Higher-self. I hope you enjoy the post and yes, Happy Reading.

Before Begining, I request you to take three deep breaths 🙂

Still Accumulating?
Still Accumulating?

30th May 2019 – 10:47 A.M. – Thursday – New Delhi

Whenever we go to a party, there are a series of questions which generally pops up in our mind. The first and foremost is- What the heck I’m going to wear? When we get a satisfactory answer of that question, another question which pops in our mind is- ‘I just clicked the last picture I uploaded on facebook in that very T-shirt or Blazer or whatever.’ Back to square one – What the Heck I’m going to wear? Okay, so finally let’s go shopping. Now, after buying another pair of the dress (and spending four thousand, hard-earned bucks) we get a satisfactory Profile picture for our facebook in that party. But the most amazing thing is, you can’t wear that dress again in the other party. And the next time you are going to feel that its time to wear that dress again, chances are, they aren’t going to fit you again.

The most ironical thing in those situations is, whenever you open your closet, you get that feel of the ancient dark cave, up in the Himalayas, where sages used to meditate. But instead of rocks, you see clothes in different colours, shapes and maybe sizes (which probably don’t fit you anymore). So, my little friend, the question arises here – why the heck you have accumulating so many clothes, shoes, accessories and all that fancy stuff?

For most of us, it is emotionally shattering to pass away the clothes we don’t wear to someone else. Believe it or not, how we appear to others is one of the most important things in our lives, isn’t it? We are just so emotionally connected to our closet (no matter how dangerous it looks) that the last thing which appears in our mind is to de-clutter what’s not required in that cave (closet).

We feel bad when we have to repeat the clothes which we have already wear at the party because there is a constant question goes on in our mind, that what others will think? But you know what, whosoever thinks what you are wearing doesn’t have to pay for your clothes. And logically, there will be two or three people who are probably going to remember that what you wore in the last party or in your last profile picture? Which means I have to spend four thousand rupees for those two people? Man! two-thousand rupees per person??

So, one day I sat down and I took out all those clothes which I don’t wear. I made up my mind that no matter what people will say, I’m going to have three pair of clean clothes and five daily wear T-shirts and two pair of denim. It was one of the toughest decision I took, but trust me, it was worth taking. I calculated that I don’t need to buy a single piece of cloth for the next 18 months if I maintain these clothes properly.

The result – Physically, I feel that my life is tidy. I feel clean vibes around me. Emotionally and spiritually I feel lighter. And mentally, I get hell lot of space to think.

So, my dear friend, Do you still give a damn about the question – ‘What People will think?’ Are you are going to still accumulate what’s not required?



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