Should I Love Or Hate

Should I Hate Or Love

Author – Kisnaa

Genre – Fiction (Romance)

Creative Vibes Rating – 3/5

Pages – 160

Publisher – Frog Books

ISBN – 978-93-52017-28-7

Should I Love Or Hate
Should I Love Or Hate


Aayan, the central character of the book is an IPS officer. He called his friend Samaira (Who loves him) at his home for dinner. He proposes her and she was more than happy and gladly accepts his proposal. She wants to discover about his past and here the actual story begins.

Ayaan was born and brought up by abusive parents who beat him up and curse at every little thing. They were non-supportive and not at all understanding. Sudhir, his dad used to beat his wife (Manorma) in front of Aayan. He was helpless. Those domestic fights had a very negative impact on his life. Even after everything, his innocence was incredible.

Then he met Siya. She used to study in a different section, in the same school.he fell for her at the very first sight. After some days, Siya also started to feel in a similar way and proposed him which he readily accepted. Their love story begins with utmost innocence. They used to exchange romantic cards, used to write letters with their blood (like many teenagers) and even walk together to home after school. One day Aayan’s Father saw him with Siya and created a big issue. He told him to concentrate on his studies.

He cleared 10th board exams with flying colors and went away to the hostel. He misses her every single day. Back at home, Sudhir created an issue and went to Siya’s home and insulted her parents which was a big dent on their relationship.

Siya stopped taking to him. Everything became stagnant which made Aayan restless and dejected.

Coming back to the present, Aayan got the invitation to Siya’s marriage and planned to visit there with Samaira.

What happened in between? Will she get married to someone else? Was this the end of their innocent love story?

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Over all the story was good and the most intriguing part of the book was poetry. It added charm to the story because with each and every situation, there was a corresponding poem, which made the situation more expressive and deeper. The story has a good beginning but it gets a little dry after 20 pages. The twist and turns seems to be flat most of times, but the poems cover it up. In between, I found a lot of drama and little things were glorified a lot. There were some little errors with the facts too, for example – Rose Day is celebrated on 28th October (which is actually incorrect).

Should I Love Or Hate
Should I Love Or Hate

The last 10 pages stole away my heart. The story moulded in a very different way which was beyond expectations. It puts the reader into deep hangover which made him thinks about the Story even after completing the book.

What I Love about the book –

The story is just outstanding in the beginning and at the end. Every teenager can relate his or her story with the book. The innocence of the Characters were just incredible and feels appropriate. As I said poems were expressing much more than the core story. Most of the story runs in a flashback which make the readers more glued. The words are lucrative and appropriately used.

Should I Love Or Hate
Should I Love Or Hate

What I find a little inappropriate –

The story becomes so dramatic after 20 pages. The little twists were glorified which wasn’t much needed. The things were going so friskly that the Author was losing expressions. Both the proposals – with Siya and with Samaira, were so frisk and were not expressed properly (I believe that they were crucial part of the book).


To sum up, “Should I hate or love” is a story of love, innocence, separation, depression and dilemma. The poems were amazing and apt to the various situations. The book is interesting and catchy in the beginning, dry in the middle and Amazing at the end.

Overall it’s a good read. Kudos to the Author. 🙂

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  1. Khamoshi sharma
    Khamoshi sharma says:

    Please read that line again… That day (28 oct) is just compared to Rose day (7 Feb)…
    It’s not been treated as Rose day in actual by author

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