Short and Snappy tales

Short and Snappy tales

Story 1 : The Lunatic Lover 

She came into the cottage. Covering her face with a baret. He was sitting on his wheelchair, looked away. She fired the lamp and took of her baret and sat near him. ” Sorry I am late” she– in a sweetest voice– said. But he was still mad at her. She took his hand and slide it over her waist. He looked at her, she was glittering. He kissed her bare shoulder and firmly gripped her hairs and rolled it around her neck. A slight less painful death she felt by the arms of her lover. He looked at her blue lifeless eyes. She was finally his. Forever.


Story 2 : Forgotten 


Six years after they had met, she was still beautiful and he was still shy. “honey, he is my collage friend” she said to her husband who was in air force. “Well nice to meet you” her husband said shaking hands with him chivalrously. “come home sometimes, we live down across the street” she said. “oh well sure” he said nodding. “Okay Arav say good bye to uncle” she said to her five year old son . He looked at him and waved. He smiled and waved back. And one more time she didn’t dared to reveal that Arav was actually his son.


Story 3 : The Heterogeneous Obsession  


He always liked his company. They during lunch sit for hours talking and solving Sudoku and crossword. He was expert of mind games where as he was his greatest admirer. It was not until summer that he realized, he was in love with him. After vacation he waited for him under the same tree of the playground where they usually sat for hours but he never returned, he was broken from inside and decided to end his life. So he jumped off the cliff of city’s highest building. Suddenly he waked up from this dream. He went to school, during break he sat under the same tree with a pen and paper. “how was your holidays” a familiar voice came from behind.


Story 4 : The Departed 


When courts final judgement arrived, he was a bit tensed. They were finally divorced. The bell rang. He opened the door and saw her. “I am here to take my stuff” she said in a cold voice. He moved aside. She took the stairs to reach to the bedroom. She noticed that her favorite bed sheet was on the bed and everything was perfectly arranged. It melted her heart for a moment. Pushing her feelings aside. She start collecting her wardrobe and other stuff. She came downstairs. He was lying on the couch. She Left. Later that day the servants found him dead on that couch. He was still holding his Marriage album with his heart.


Story 5 :   The Enemy 

At the back of her father’s farm. They met every night. She brought him food, he brings her flowers. One fine night he asked her to come to the river with him. She Agreed. They both sit in a boat and drive in the center of the river. It was a Full moon day. The reflection of moon light made the river shine like a silver plate. He took her hand and they both slowly danced. For the very first time she was so close to him. She saw bruises on his face and some cuts over his neck. While returning the people of the village discovered him. Next day the Front paper headline said. ” Enemy Alien discovered wandering with a Young farm girl”.



3 thoughts on “Short and Snappy tales

  1. Pratyush

    Real a fine peice of work. Loved it and waiting for more…..

  2. Beena

    Very nicely written Brijesh.. You out your brain and heart both into writing.. Kudos..

  3. Beena

    Very nicely written Brijesh.. You put your brain and heart both into writing.. Kudos..

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