shikhandiIncarnations, past life, karma and revenge. These topics are debated all over the world by philosophers, mind trainers and therapists. I’m sure many of you have read “Many lives Many Masters” by Dr. Brian Weiss. In the book he writes about a patient who is troubled by depression and anxieties and Dr. Brian takes her to her past life and between 2 lives he received some real life lessons from the Masters. It’s an amazing book,  do read it.

So, past life regression is a common practice and there is another world, beyond this mortal world, it is very well proved in the book.

In our ancient stories and fables we have read that God came to this world and incarnated as a mortal just like you and me. Lord Vishnu came here as a fish (Matsya) first, then as a tortoise (Kurma), then as a Boar (Varaha), then half Animal half human (Narsimha) and then as a Human being afterwards (Vamana, PrashuRam, Ram, Krishna). These Avatars were compared with the Darwin’s theory too. Incarnations and Reincarnations are very usual in the Indian Mythology which somewhat getting proved in the present era.

One such story of Reincarnation was mention in the celebrated Epic, Mahabharata. There was a Character called Shikhandi who was used as a shield to kill Bhisma Pitamah. Bhishma got a boon from his father Shantanu that no armour can kill him. But Shikhandi reincarnated to kill Bhisma. Confused? Let’s start from the beginning.

One of the 3 princess of Kashi was Amba. She was deeply in love with King Salva and wanted to marry him. When all the preparations of the marriage were going on, Bhishma Pitamah came and kidnapped her. He wanted Amba to marry his younger brother. She politely requested and cried that she is in love with Salva and wanted to marry him. She cried and begged in front of him and his brother Vichitravirya. Vichitravirya agreed to what she said and took her back to Salva. Salva didn’t accept her because she was touched by Bhisma and he felt that it wasn’t right. He thought that accepting a girl who had been touched by another man is against the societal norms. He rejected her and told her to go back to Bhishma.

She wasn’t  expecting  that from her love. She felt dejected, roaming here and there with innumerable oblivious thoughts and dilemma, she decided to go back to Bhishma. There too she had to face dejection. According to a promise to his Father, Bhishma couldn’t get married.

Now Amba was angry. Her eyes filled with vengeance and wanted to take revenge from Bhisma because of creating that mess. But how? No one can kill Bhisma according to the boon.

She prayed to the Gods, did hard penance, but no one listened to her. Finally she went to Himalayas and prayed to Lord Shiva. Lord Kartikeya (Murugan) went to her and gave her a garland. He said that this garland is given to him by lord Shiva and anyone who wears this can kill Bhisma. She finally saw a ray of hope and went to innumerable rulers in the beautiful continent of Bharat. No one accepted it. She went to King Drupada, the noble ruler of Panchaal with a final hope but he also rejected the proposal. In Anger, she hanged that garland at the entry gate of Panchaal and died.


Now call it destiny or karma, she Reincarnated as Shikhandini and took birth as the daughter of Kind Drupada. At the age of 9, she saw that garland on the gate and suddenly she remembered everything. At that tender age she went to the forest and started hard penance. Day and night the fire inside her was increasing and the fuel was a thought, a thought to kill Bhisma.

One day when she was sleeping she saw a Yaksha flying in the sky, smiling at her. She looked at him in amazement. Suddenly he shot an arrow towards her and she became a man. Yes, she became a man, Shikhandi. Her penance became more and more hard with each day passed.

In the Kurukshetra war, When Pandavas understood that Bhishma Pitamah needs to be killed, Krishna suggested them to take help from Shikhandi, Brother of Draupadi, their wife.

When Shikhandi entered in the battle, Bhisma recognised him as Amba and didn’t attack him because attacking a woman is against the rules. Using Shikhandi as a shield, Arjun Shot an arrow at Bhishma, which Pierced across his chest.

Revenge accomplished.


On the 18th day Shikhandi was killed in the war by Ashwathama (son of Dronacharya) by a sword.

It took her long, very long to complete her mission, but even death failed to stop her from killing Bhishma.

In this male dominated society, women have suffered a lot. This story proves that a woman has tendency to turn the tables, single handedly. Even Mythology proves that women should be respected and respected.

This is a story which didn’t get much attention because in our country women can’t be hero.  This is for all women who think they are weak and can’t survive in this male dominated society. This is for you.

Thanks for reading.


Love, Laughter and peace

Himanshu R Nagpal




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