We all are really busy these days. Or Can I say are we becoming more responsible? No, I can, even more, twist it and say, our expenses have increased that’s why we must be busier and get indulge in work?

Actually guys, I am trying to figure out what is actually bothering us these days? What is that which keeps us so much indulge in our professional world and we just forget where we stand? Yes, I am going to talk about self-analysis today. Are you familiar with this term? Well, this is an activity which is helpful I must say,  if you want to improve yourself. Now the question arises what sort of improvement? Self-analysis can keep you at pace, be it work, be it, family, be it personal or professional atmosphere. If you are stuck someday and get no clue that what is your purpose of life, you do a self- analysis, it can be a 5-minute activity for someone or as long as a day activity for someone. Depending upon the number of situations you want to touch at one go.

People may be this write up can help you to get to know yourself more. I agree that we have no time, Our schedule goes like this: we run for fitness in early morning, then we run for office after that, we keep busy ourselves with some household chores at evening, then we try to get involve in some entertainment, like any TV show, or news highlights, or music or Facebook and what’s app or we get into gossip with family etc. then we decide food for dinner, and post dinner we surrender on bed. This is what most of us do on regular basis right?

Now, my question to you is, when you talk to yourself? Do you talk to yourself even once in 6 months? No, right? And why is that so? No reason, right? Now some of you may say “am I insane, why would I talk to myself? If I am totally in my senses why would I talk to my own self?

So guys here is the catch. Actually, we expect from ourselves a lot, I need to do this, I need to do that. I want to earn this much. I want to learn this. But these decisions are mostly taken by our brain or by the feeling of proving ourselves to someone? But we never ask ourselves what I really want in life? what is the ultimate purpose of my life? where do I stand in this world? Are these questions making any sense to you? Then only… read ahead.. Try to connect yourself to it.

Read below lines loudly.

  1. Do I fulfill my responsibilities well?
  2. Is my behavior good to others? Am I polite enough?
  3. Am I keen to help others when they need me? Or am I selfish?
  4. Am I happy in my life with what I am doing currently?
  5. Am I thankful to God for giving me this life?

If all your answers are a “YES” then you are on right track. Otherwise, you need to work on yourself.

See, these questions will give you an answer of what kind of person you are. It will give you useful information for yourself which will help you improve yourself wherever required. And you know we take ourselves for granted. I have talked about this previously also, that love yourself, respect yourself then only you will learn to respect and love others truly. (Love yourself does not mean be selfish)

If you want to do a technical analysis or a level up analysis, then you can do SWOT analysis for yourself. May be some of you might have heard about this term. SWOT analysis will give you more effective results.

This analysis comprises of Strength =S, Weakness = W, Opportunities =O, and Threats =T. now you need to sit and find out what are your strengths which can be used properly to improve your performance. What is your weakness which can be converted into strengths or can be ignored? What are the opportunities you can get in future if you work on your strengths and weaknesses and what are the threats and risk involved in it? So, when you get answers to above questions. You need to do a self-assessment by comparing this. While reaching conclusion you will get some vital points which you were not aware of about your own self. Trust me it is highly effective activity. You will enjoy attempting it.

So now not taking much of your time, I would say start analyzing yourself, trust me it will help you to know yourself better. Take a notepad and a pen and start writing about yourself, what you like about yourself, what type of person are you?  or you may form your own questions to ask yourself.

The analysis can be based on the purpose of why you want to do this analysis. Reasons can differ from person to person. It can be professional or personal.

I am saying this confidently that it will work for you because it always worked for me. I feel exhausted sometimes and feel low. Then I do this self-analysis and find out what is lacking behind, and immediately I start working on myself. Even yesterday only I have done this self-analysis for myself (it was personal and professional mix analysis) few examples for your reference are:

  • I will put more focus on work to decrease mistakes
  • I will share fewer details regarding my life, with colleagues and not so good friends (to avoid miscommunication)
  • I will try to write more
  • And will drink more water

See these are points which are required to be taken care of immediately and they are easy to follow right? However, they will help me to see myself a better and fit person. May be these points not matter to you, so do your own analysis don’t go by these points. Thanks

 So, all the best. If you want to do this self-analysis and you have any queries regarding that then you can write to me at [email protected]. I would love to help you.

Be happy, Keep Smiling and Count Your Blessings!!

Beena Himthani


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  1. Gaurav

    Very Nice beena…i have taken few notes…i will try it.

  2. Logu Raju

    Good article with day-to-day life lesson(s)..

  3. Amaan

    Great things written in the article Beena, if people try these things they can definitely improve in the areas where they are lacking. I will also try these things.

  4. BS

    Awesome been, quite useful it is.

  5. Om

    Very useful article which makes us stick to a path of self satisfaction.

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