Mental illness is on increasing rate day by day, especially in the developed countries.

One in four people in this world are  affected by mental or neurological disorders.27% of adults in U.S. experience some sort of mental disorder, making the U.S. the country of the highest prevalence As for India this percentage is currently 7.3%.

The cases of mental disorder is comparatively less in the underdeveloped and developing countries like India as compared to developed countries like U.S. India being a developing country is reporting an increase in the number of patients with mental sickness. Still India is far behind the U.S. in these terms.

One reason for this probably is India’s culture. Here children leaving their old parents to the old age home and living without them is still somewhat socially unacceptable. Here, children are supposed to live with their parents unlike in western countries, which in turn provide them with an oppurtunity to share their troubles, talk about the pressure on them with their families and, hence help in avoiding serious mental troubles.

But unfortunately this scenario is changing. Indian culture is being highly influenced by western countries. Hence mental illness is on a rise.

You can blame our fast lives in urbanization of our cities. In the present scenario of the metropolitan cities the stress level is much more than the rural areas. There is pressure to perform in all aspects of life. Even young children are suffering from the stress to perform in academics, sports, extracurricular activities. Adults have the pressure to manage with their professional and personal life. It’s like everyone is busy fighting their own battles, and don’t have e time to spend time and comfort their children or elderly parents or even spend quality time with friends or even with themselves.  And all these pressures lead to the mental disorders.

Mental disorder being a taboo in India, it is not much talked about issue.

I define mental illness as anything which hinders a person from being natural. I am here not only defining the diagnosed “psychiatric disorders” but also its seeds which lead to them Instead o

f the term ‘mental disorder’, I will use ‘troubles of mind’.

Now these troubles can be of various types, some of which I am listing below:

  • Mood disorders.
  • Short tempered.
  • Ego issues.
  • Identity crisis.
  • Over emotional.
  • Insecurity.
  • Feeling of isolation.
  • Feeling dejected.
  • Nervousness.
  • Anxiety.

Most of us have suffered from some or all of these symptoms. These symptoms are completely normal if suffered for a short period of time and for a few number of times. If these states of mind are suffered more often or for a longer period of time, it may lead to serious cases of depression, insanity or even Alzheimer’s.

It is very important to observe the changes within your body and to observe how you react to certain situations.

For example: I myself am a very emotional girl and many a times egoistic and short-tempered also. I am observing myself from a couple of years now &now I know for me being short tempered is completely normal thing because I am completely normal seconds after I express my anger, I don’t tend to hold on to the anger. For being so emotional I am trying to handle my mind by practising yoga and meditations, and I am getting rewarded with excellent results.

I believe that every person should adhere to these seeds & reactions of your body to threatening situations, and once you realise that this is your body tendency, you can work accordingly.

At the very primary stage of mental illness i.e. when the seeds are just becoming saplings, one tends to isolate himself which directly leads to higher stage of mental illness.

So, in order to save yourself you have to be aware that whether your habit of avoiding people and isolating yourself is being developed. And if you have started to sorrowfully think on your own and avoid the company of your near and dear ones, then it is a stage of red alert! You purposefully need to alter your pattern with an aware mind. For example: Alex  just keeps on sitting on his own and avoid any kind of interaction with anyone, he needs to be aware of this habit of himself and knowingly has to break this chain and should interact with people , have fun with them, boost his morale and has to take himself out of this trap of depression.

If you are aware of yourself and do every bit to keep your
spirit, motivation high, mental illness can’t even touch you!

In case you are not able to help yourself you should go and consult a psychiatrist. It doesn’t mean that since you are visiting a psychiatrist you are mad or mental. In the countries like U.S. going to psychiatrist is a normal thing. I don’t get it that if we are adapting so much from the western countries then why are we not able to accept that normal people do need the help of psychiatrist also, which is a very common thing in western countries. It’s high time we need to do what is the need of the hour.

-Believe in yourself and keep smiling

Manasvi Kansal


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