~Manushreya Sharma

“Hello beta! What are you planning to take in class 11th and in which field do you plan your career ahead?” is the dreaded question, enough to put anybody in self doubt and shame. It is a preconceived notion that science is a subject meant for all the Mr and Ms Specky with academic bent of mind. The society highly exaggerates and says that science leads to a dignified life ahead and is meant for the studious and sharpest minds.

The social status given to a science student tends to make them cocky and boastful about their capabilities. Meanwhile, IIT is a temple for such so called deserving and hardworking people. This herd mentality has made lives of not just science students but other students miserable and worthless too. We all are brought up believing that science is really difficult especially the goosebumps given by the thermodynamics in physics or differentiation and integration in maths. Above all this, sharma ji ka beta is always there as an SI unit of comparison and makes us feel worthless.

The sense of being a complete failure in life is always there and despite burning the midnight’s oil, the results are not at all fruitful. Students don’t enjoy what they are learning and the exciting journey of life is hit by a big roadblock called “STUPID SCIENCE AND TERRIBLE TRAUMAS”. The element of fun in learning, mental peace and health, sleep and appetite is lost to the “SCIENCE OF STUPID “. The scarecrow of science is created only by the society comprising of idiots with skewed knowledge of the subject.

The intellectual class is at fault because they are unable to convince the masses. Science is very much like other streams. It is not that big as we have created the notions about it. The curriculum is same, the amount of efforts required by all the students is just the same and the competition is equivalent for everybody. Yes, I agree that the curriculum is a bit different but same goes for commerce and humanities too.

Being good at sciences and Mathematics, my teachers and parents had too thought that I would be taking up sciences for my higher education especially when all your cousins are doctors and engineers. Instead, I chose humanities and subjects of my own choice. Now,I can proudly say that I am studying the subject studied by a science student( Psychology), subject studied by a commerce student (Economics) along with my own subjects like History, Political Science and English.

Is it guaranteed that all doctors and engineers are happy and successful ; is there any full prove that all roadways of science lead to Rome of success ; are we fulfilling the purpose behind learning? Think about it dearies and darlings. The only thing we can do as a part of this mobocracy is to make sure that we help spread the word across as. Let us break the crazy notions of science and peacefully dwell into the society like the others.

Thank you so much for reading this article.

Loads of love and happiness
Manushreya Sharma


  1. I love “sharmaji ka beta” as SI unit of comparison. You are right. Infact, it is neither about difficulty or quantum of syllabus. It is about what excites you. Wish all students have freedom and opportunity to study what they aspire to.

  2. Hey,there. By mentioning that science is very much like other subjects, I meant that it is indeed not a cakewalk. But at the same time, we must not forget that it is not as hard as we make it based on our own biases and notions. Hope, you have now got what I meant by the same.Thanks. Cheers,Manushreya Sharma.

  3. Thank you,Namrata ma’am. I too wish that everyone be the one they want to be in their lives for themselves and for the sake of becoming anything in life.


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