AUTHOR- Mayur Patel
GENRE – Psycho Thriller

The story Starts with a daily routine of Malvika Chauhan, a 26 years old girl, who runs a Parlor in a posh area of Mumbai. She has been through many relationships but none of them worked well. finally she met Shikhar and felt “He is the one.” Things were good between them, till she met Margarita. Margarita Christian. She is bold, blunt and thinks that all Men are same and their final intention is to have sex.

Malvika, who started having blackouts was very much worried as her business was suffering to a major extent. she started losing clients. Many a times, she failed to recall what she did the whole day, where she went and other daily routine activities. She had a terrible Past. She brought up only by her Mother as her parents got separated when she was just eight years old.
On the Other hand, Margarita was bold. She likes to drink, have drugs and wear sensuous dresses. she has a very care free attitude.
Destiny plays wicked and brings both of them face to face. Malvika knows nothing about Margarita, but Margarita knows every Minute details about Malvika. Slowly all the hidden secrets get disclosed and everything starts vanishing. Her Prestige , her Career , Her love.

The Story is really gripping and make you turn the pages without any break. The Author has done a tremendous job. Mayur used his imagination very well that it will burst your mind.

I strongly recommend each and everyone to read this masterpiece, I bet you will never regret.

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love, Laughter and peace

Himanshu R Nagpal

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