Rudeness Overloaded!!

Politeness and Rudeness both are important aspects of communication. Politeness being respectful, and chivalry always stands out in one’s behavior.  We always love people who are polite and courteous. Don’t we?  Then how this rudeness comes in picture? Rudeness as the dictionary definition says Rudeness is a display of disrespect by not complying with the social norms or etiquette of a group or culture. We are grown up and know everything, we know what is right, and what is wrong in being rude or rough. Still while talking we often forget about it. And we tend to show our anger to those who may be are innocent.  It appears like a bitter taste of mouth is coming out in terms of harsh words. Here I would say, please increase the quantity of sweet in your diet.

A very common proverb in Hindi “Hum kisi aur ka gussa, kisi aur pe nikaal dete hain”. How does it happen? At that time, I guess we are not aware that what we actually are doing. But if we are gentle enough, we regret later on, that what I have done is not correct, and I should apologize. However, do we apologize every time we behave rude, No? Correct?

So my question is why to behave rude at the first place? Things can be sorted out in a polite manner too. It can be done if you are determined, and if you are in your senses. I understand there are situations, when we just cannot be polite anymore, but that can be in extreme conditions. These days, I am seeing people’s behavior is getting ruder. There can be many reasons. But my appeal is please behave with the friends, family or any person in a way, in which you want yourself to be treated by others.

Our life is stressful, no doubt about it, we have our everyday deliverable and we think time is running out of the grip, but this does not mean we should lose our temper. There are many examples in front of me of recent cases where someone’s behavior is not acceptable. I am awestruck to see that the person on whom you getting irate is not so powerful, that’s why you feel like behaving anyway with him/her.

Friends, life is unpredictable, we never know at what time we need help from each other, so being polite and respectful with each other should be our duty. One of my best friend’s in office was telling something about her neighbors. She was saying, she wants to vacate that place and want to move somewhere else, when I asked the reason she said, because of our neighbor’s behavior we want to move out.

She further told that, her neighbor, Mr. Thakral, gets mad at everybody, be it the security team of our society or the maid, they have appointed, he keeps on yelling anyone. They commit any mistake or not, they have to face the dose of his rants everyday. She said, we just ignore communicating with him. His behavior is famous in society, and nobody actually likes to talk with him or work for him.

I was stunned to hear this, I think we make our own image at our workplace or at home. If we do not respect others we will never get respect from others. A simple logic to be applied and life would be very easy. If you are getting mad at your employees or your maid or servant or anyone, why they would stay with you or would like to work with you. And if you are polite, respect them and love them, why they will leave you or don’t work for you? I agree you are powerful, you have money, you can buy whatever you want, but can you buy respect? Can you buy love? No, but you can easily achieve these, by just behaving properly.

At times, I have also behaved rude with people, I regret on that and now I can say that I improved, and I have increased the quantity of sweetness in life. And it is an awesome feeling.

Everyone has his/her self-respect. If somebody is working as a servant for you, does not mean he don’t deserve respect. No work is small or big. Everyone is fulfilling his duty. Please try to understand this and respect others.

If you possess politeness and love, you will get it immensely in return. I am very lucky I must say, be it my Family, Friends, Boss, Colleagues or neighbors, I have got gem of persons. Thanks all.

I respect your time my readers. Just think about it and try to follow. Love you all. I owe you a big thanks.

PS. This blog is just a life lesson, which I have learnt and want to share with you all. No offense to anyone.

Be happy, keep smiling and Count your blessings!!

Beena Himthani

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