Role of a Magician

Role of a Magician

If we look back in our childhood, Magic shows were the common means of entertainment in fairs and stage shows. What do you think, what was the role of a magician? His role was to entertain us by using some magic tricks and he used to create some illusions which seemed real to us. Right? Now if you want to relate it to our life events, then can we say that God is the magician? True or false? God sends somebody in our life or some surprises in our life which create immense happiness and laughter. But here I would say, those events are not illusions, they are real magical events, which happen at the right time.

We all have one or more magicians in our life, we just need to identify them. For me when I was a tiny toddler my parents were magicians for me. As they used to bring new toys, beautiful frocks, and other surprises, that gave me so much happiness. They used to hide the things, and suddenly the things appeared again when I was upset. Those were the magical moments in my life. So, my intent of writing this today is, Guys we need to identify Magicians in life, life is similar to a drama, somebody comes, some go without any intimation. Characters would keep changing. The story will keep moving, desires will keep enhancing. But our Magician would always be there. He can be the same or different person every time.  The magician would be that person who will be our savior.

For a dedicated employee, his boss can turn out to be a magician. Who surprises him by giving him an award for his excellent performance. It is like a magic if it happens unexpectedly. For an old aged Father, his son can be a magician, who brings gifts for him, on his birthday. For a Boy or a girl, their best friend can turn out to be a magician, for filling happy and helping moments in their life. For a patient, his doctor is a magician as he cures him of the disease.

Try to become a magician for your closed one someday. It will be a magical day for them, and a happy day for you. And if you can create some happiness in someone’s life by making some illusions and tricks, do that. In this super stressful era, humans are just running behind the goals, leaving behind the satisfaction and happiness. So, some magic in between can change their thinking and transform their lives.

If you will sit quiet and think for about 10 minutes one day, you will get to believe that magic is all around. Every day there is something happening to surprise us, but we are so busy in discussing the problems that we ignore the magical events. It is rightly said that “Trust the magic of new beginnings”, we are cowards or can say we are so much buried in the comfort zone, that we don’t want to come out of that, and if any change or new beginning is welcoming us, we don’t trust that magic and miss that opportunity then in some days again cry for monotonous life. So, Guys, I would conclude by saying Believe in yourself and you can be a magician in somebody’s life, even in your own life. You can do wonders.

“There are people we meet in life, those make everything seems Magical”

Be Happy, Keep Smiling and Count your Blessings!!

Beena Himthani

7 thoughts on “Role of a Magician

  1. Prashant Jha
    Prashant Jha says:

    The magic of life is life itself. The very existence of human life is nothing more than magic otherwise in whole universe isn’t this is a magical that intelligent life exists only here. Isn’t this a magic that distance between sun and earth is almost appreciate which can support life here. isn’t this a magic that in an evolution of life only one living being human evolved so much leaving others way behind.

  2. Saran

    Nice one ? interpreted magician with our daily living ?

  3. Avinash

    So true… Magician has created magic in you. Good one.

  4. Narender Yadav
    Narender Yadav says:

    Great Beena

  5. Anoop

    Yes, completely agree with the author that magic and magicians are all around us – always. “World is full of good people; if you can’t find one – be one!” is apt in this case… You never know who’s life you’d have transformed for the better. Be a magician.
    Keep posting – keep inspiring.

  6. Poonam Mahanot
    Poonam Mahanot says:

    Very true!! Being a magician for someone with a little act of kindness, which you yourself would not realise is a Bliss!! 🙂

  7. Shivam Rawat
    Shivam Rawat says:

    Awesome… Loved to read it as it encompasses our daily life… But i truly feel you yourself is magician of your life… Its you who think whi thinga are been done and accept them as positive and negative…. But true that you need to be magicians for the one around you… Foid for thought

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