Myra got married finally at the age of 32, she had no plans of getting hitched after the thunderstorm of the breakup of 7 years of her relationship with her boyfriend. It is not that easy to come out of that terrible condition. But if you get a good partner who helps you to feel better and happy that is a gift in given situation. And one more thing which she developed is Resilience.

Yes, Resilience is the key. It is the capacity of how quickly you come out of the disaster. In this given life scenario, everyone is dreamy and have certain goals to achieve, most of the educated people have something in mind to achieve. They are not living just for the sake. So, to cope up with this fast moving life, one must possess the quality of resilience.

If you, unfortunately, face failure, your inner strength should be so capable that you come back much stronger. Every failure is a starting of new success. We face many challenges every day but warriors are the one who fights back and is positive in that tough times too. Life was much easier if we look back into our childhood, we did not have many things to worry about. We were thoroughly enjoying each day like a blessing. We were enjoying without much resources, no mobiles, no computers, no video games, only life full of natural entertainment.

Presently, we have more resources, we have N number of gadgets, we have technology still we are upset then and there. We crave for more. We are running in the rat race, Money, Power, Jewelry, Cars, 2BHK, 3BHK, all are eating us day by day. We are living a traumatic life. So my take here is to stop calculating start motivating. Motivating others to the adaptability of getting out of the awful situations. Feel every day as a blessing, Express Gratitude for what you have.


I have read somewhere, that some organizations do conduct some workshops to check psychological parameters and resilience measures so that they can gauge your ability to handle failures and motivate you towards positivity. So, is it not a good idea? We should help each other to get out of the depressed mood, and feel happy.

It may be any challenge, Natural Calamity, Accident, Death of a closed one, Breakup, Rape or any other Failure, please be resilient and welcome the moments waiting ahead. Today you are crying, next day you should smile with a new hope. The show must go on.

Be happy, Keep Smiling and Count your Blessings!!

Beena Himthani


4 thoughts on “Resilience

  1. AvInash

    Very true.. Key mantra for successful life. Well done!!!

  2. Himanshu

    I second that what you said. But at times it is very difficult to leave all the luggage behind and move ahead with a fresh new start. Also, I feel no matter how much we learn resilience, a part of us always crave for that moment, that feel, that time. Mind is a monkey, no matter how much we train it, it still love hanging on the trees. But yes, As you said, the show must go on 🙂

  3. Prakash mishra
    Prakash mishra says:

    Fantastic article

  4. Dolly Naryani
    Dolly Naryani says:

    Nicely written

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